Priceline's Skincare Goodie Bag

Tuesday 26 June 2012

As you know I love Priceline, and love a GWP, so when those two worlds collide I'm there in a heartbeat! You might remember their Free Beauty Bag a few months ago that was amazing. Then last month they had a Hair goodie bag offer, which I missed out on as I really didn't need any hair products at the time. But if you missed it like I did, see what Ingrid got in her hair pack.

Well this month they have a skincare goodie bag. When you purchase $50 or more on skincare from a range of brands, you're eligible for their free goodie bag valued at over $220.

So what was in the goodie bag? (what isn't!!! It's jammed pack full of goodies.)

Innoxa "SOS Scar Tissue Oil"
Puretopia "Exfoliating & Renewing Body Polish"
Biore "Clean Things Up Nourishing Gel Cleanser"
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula "Fragrance Free Body Lotion"
Skinvitals Hydraflex "Multi Peptide Flex Cloth Mask"
Apivita "Express Beauty with Cereals" Face Mask
Pure Therapy by Purist "Intensive Moisture Repair Gel"
Oxy "Emergency Zit Blitz Gel" 
Witch "Blemish Stick"
Yes to Cucumber "Facial Towelettes"
Dove "Silky Nourishment Body Cream"
Nivea "Anti-Age Q10 Plus Hand Cream"
Sukin "Facial Moisturiser"
Vaseline "Aloe Fresh" SPF 15 Day Light Lotion
U Little Beauty "Nourishing Hand Cream"
Neutrogena "Ultimate Sport Sunscreen Lotion"
Soft Lips "Vanilla" Lipbalm
Eau Thermale Avene "Eau Thermale" Thermal Spring Water
Playboy "Play It Rock" Body Spray

I'm really excited about this goodie bag! There are so many great things in it. I'm planning on taking quite a few of these things when I go to Adelaide next month to visit my family. I find it much easier to just leave products there, rather than taking a massive bag every time I go down there. 

To be eligible for the gift bag I bought one of my favourite toners, Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water and a U Little Beauty Vitamin C Serum. Originally I was going to get quite a few smaller items, but was so interested in the Vitamin C Serum that I abandoned some of the items in my basket, and stayed with these two more expensive items instead. I thought the serum would be great for winter to help protect my skin and hydrate it. 

Did you end up going to Priceline and scoring the goodie bag?


  1. I'm glad I was able to get my hands on this too. I'm excited to try out the Avene Thermal Spring Water, even more so now as you say it's one of your favourites. There was also a half price voucher for the large bottle it in my bag, did you get that too?

  2. Lucky you did!!! I've heard a lot of girls say their local priceline had already run out by Sat. If you like the Avene Spring Water I know that some of the Chemist Warehouses have them on special. 2 for $19!!!! It's a bit weird as one of them near me didn't have the deal, but the other did (all the stock was at the counter). I hope you like it as much as I do :)

    1. Wow that's good, thanks for letting me know I'll check my local one and have a look :)

    2. Your welcome hun. I saw my other store had them at the counter late in the week, so maybe I went in on the first day. Hope you like it!

  3. uggh I was so angry! I went on Sunday and it was sold out! I was like nooooooo! So sad :( Hopefully they restock them but I dont think they do :( But gratz for getting the bag! :D Kind of glad they were sold out so I didn't spend $50 ;D

    1. ohh no. You have to get in quick! But sometimes it's good missing out so you wont spend more money :)

  4. I loved mine. Heaps of products that I had contemplated purchasing but hadn't gotten around to yet. I've only used the Skinvitals mask and the witch blemish stick so far but I'm very excited to try the Scar Tissue Oil and the Softlips vanilla balm as I quite like Softlips.

    1. I've heard so many great things about the Witch Blemish stick so I cant wait o try it out :)

  5. Haha, I caved and got mine today...:) I bought three Sukin products and got 1 for free (2 rosehip oils and an antioxidant serum) + a Neutrogena handcream and bodylotion and body wash. Loved it X

    1. I'm using the Sukin Rosehip Oil at the moment and love it. I first got it in Summer and found it too heavy, but now since its winter it is perfect!