Bastille Day: The Best Of The French

Saturday 14 July 2012

Photo taken on a boat ride
 in September 2010

Paris is one of those amazing cities that has so much history and culture. It's my favourite place ever. My hubby and I did some great things there like going to the Louvre museum, a boatride on the Seine and a night ghost walking tour.

One of the many walls of bones
in the Catacombs

My favourite thing was visiting the Catacombs. It's slightly morbid but incredible. Underground there are many tunnels, and one of the tunnels is open to the public. It has around 6 million skeletons packed on top of each other to make walls. It's truly incredible and after a while you actually forget what you are looking at. 

Today is Bastille Day and to celebrate, I'm talking about the best of the french. French skincare is amazing. They see skincare as essentials, not a luxury. They also do pretty amazing make up.

This is a brand that beauty editors, and bloggers, love. They have great make up, but at affordable prices. Their Healthy Mix Foundation is incredible. Great coverage, but still lets your natural beauty shine through. If you haven't tried it, run to the shops now and get it! 

Eau Thermale Avene
I absolutely adore their Thermal Spring Water and it was the first French brand I had ever tried. I love that their skincare is made to be gentle on the skin, even their acne range.

Crealine H20 has been a make up artist secret for a long time, but now the rest of us are finding out how great it is. Perfect for sensitive skin, but still gets rid of make up quickly and easily. 

I haven't used Caudalie products, but their Beauty Elixir is on my wish list. I've heard about it on so many blogs and I must have it in my life.

While it's not make up, I would LOVE to have Chanel quilted bag. 

What are your favourite french brands?


  1. I love Paris so much, and can't wait to go back :)

  2. My dream is to see Paris, the Cote d'Azure and Provence!! The fashion, the food, the ambience--what more could you ask for!! I agree with you that skin care is so advanced there--I hear the women hardly wear any make-up to show off their beautiful skin!

    Loving your blog,

    1. The women are very gorgeous there. They look after themselves, and wear gorgeous things but never try too hard. Reminds me of women in Tokyo. They also were beautifully dressed.

  3. Wouldn't we all love a piece of Chanel?

    Thank you for a fantastic post, I loved Paris too. Been hearing fab things about Bourjois so will have to check it out soon X