Dry July: How Alcohol Effects Your Beauty

Tuesday 10 July 2012

In Australia, we have a thing called "Dry July." You can either sign up as apart of a group or individually. Then you raise money by giving up alcohol for the 31 days in July. The money goes to a non for profit organisation to help improve adults living with cancer. You can find out more about it here

Not only is it for a great cause, but giving up alcohol has beauty benefits. 

Did you know that ...

Alcohol dehydrates you. When your skin is dehydrated it can become dry and look grey and pale. Dehydrated skin also makes wrinkles more pronounced. Your hair will also suffer dryness because of dehydration. If you over drink regularly, it can cause a zinc defect which will lead to hair loss. 

Alcohol causes bloating. Not only will your pants feel tighter but you will find your face becomes bloated too. This is because alcohol dehydrates you, so your body stores any fluids through drink or food and causes your tissues to swell and gives your face bloating.

Alcohol interrupts your Vitamin A levels. Vitamin A is an powerful anti-oxidant that helps skin turnover and renewal. Which can cause premature aging. Your skin will no longer look plump and glow. It will look dull and lifeless. You will notice a more uneven skintone and spotty skin. 

Alcohol increases blood flow and it can burst tiny blood vessels in your skin. Drinking can irritate Rosacea and Psoriasis by make it worse. It also gives you bloodshot eyes, because the tiny blood vessels in your eyes enlarge.

Are you doing "Dry July?" Do you know someone that has aged due to alcohol? 


  1. Never knew alcohol caused bloating! I don't drink much anyway. I think if I had to put a number to it, I'd say I drink a cocktail probably once every 1-3 months!

  2. Hi! I love it :)

    The money goes to hospitals for patients with cancer. In Victoria the recipient hospital is the Royal Melbourne Hospital (where I work with bone marrow transplant patients). The money is supposed to go to improve the patient's quality of stay - in previous years we have used some funds to provide television to the patients so they don't have to pay the extortionist rates of the rental company for their entire up to 2 month (and sometimes even longer) hospital stay, as one example.

    It's a great fundraiser to do!