Friday's Favourites

Friday 6 July 2012

Hi Beauties!

So sorry for the quietness this week. I have been battling the flu and was so sick that even a Chanel lipstick couldn't make me feel better!! Yep, it was that bad. But I am on the mend (minus my poor nose which makes me look like a clown!). 

So here are my favourites for the week...

What I'm wearing...

Mostly my PJs or most comfiest but least attractive "lounging around the house" clothes!

I'm actually quite surprised that my skin hasn't gone mental from being sick. Normally it breaks out and becomes really rough and splotchy. I think it's a mixture of my Nude By Nature Super Anti-Oxidant Foaming CleanserEau Thermale Avene Spring Water and Sukin Rosehip Oil. All of these products are gentle and calming on the skin. I've used the Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant twice this week. As my skin was feeling sensitive, I decided to use this instead of a normal exfoliant as I was worried it would be too grainy and harsh on my skin. My 1 Skin Solution Vanilla Lip Balm has been my lip savoir this week. I tried other lip balms this week (because they were closer) but they didn't hydrate my lips for longer than 15 minutes. But even though my 1 solutions lip balm was in a different part of the house, it was worth the walk up the stairs for moisturised lips!

This week I've been skipping blush because my cheeks have a bit of a red "glow" to it. But once my cheeks have settled down I'll be using my new MeMeMe Blush Me Blush Box in "Pink". Its such a gorgeous pink! 

Things I'm lusting for...


Besides being better, I am IN LOVE with Marc Jacobs new perfume, Dot. It's just so gorgeous!! Almost too gorgeous to use! I can't wait until it's released. I love Marc Jacobs perfumes and I'm sure this one will be incredible too. 

Blogs or Blog Posts I've loved so much I've read more than once...

I loved Miss V's post on fringes. I love the idea of having a fringe, but in reality it's such a pain for me. I hate blow drying it and trying to tame it. But ALWAYS when I get a fringe cut I think I'll become some gorgeous goddess that has perfect hair. Then it's cut and I hate it because I can't be bothered putting in the effort. Ahhhhh what a silly life I lead ;)

I love finding out what products people use on a day to day basis and loved reading about Kimberley's Basic Skincare Routine. When you love beauty, you try A LOT of products, but I love hearing about the ones that make the daily cut. She also loves the Avene Thermal Spring Water too!

This is a bit of an older post, but it goes to show you how harmful our beauty products can be. Samantha was in beauty torture due to a shampoo reaction. Not just a "this makes my head itchy" reaction but a "I'm about to cut off my head" feeling due to the reaction. 

I loved the Made Up Maiden's Nail Of The Day from the other week. It's sooooo sparkly and gorgeous for a dreary winters day.

On my mind...

How much of a difference a soft quality tissue makes to your red nose. I love Kleenex "Aloe Vera" Tissues. They feel like silk compared to any other tissue! 

How has your week been? I hope everyone is safe and not sick!!


  1. Thanks for the mention! I'm the same, I don't put enough effort into my fringe and although I love having one, I just can't be bothered most days. Lucky I hide behind a computer most days.

    Also with the red/dry nose, every time I blow my nose I rub a bit of rosehip oil into it. Not the nicest smelling but it helps!!

    Feel better!!

    1. Oooh, nice one! I'd not thought of using rosehip oil - I use Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream or pawpaw ointment. (As posted below :) )

    2. Thanks hun. I've been applying the rosehip onto my nose and its so great! I love that it doesnt make my nose sting! I told my work mate about it today since she is sick too! Hope you are over your cold XO

  2. Replies
    1. It's so adorable!! He's a genius when it comes to perfumes

  3. The MJ perfume looks delightful. He is so clever:)

    I am loving my Sukin Rosehip oil and 1Skinsolution lip balm. The lip balm comes with me everywhere...=) X

  4. Replies
    1. I think it will be hard to buy because EVERYONE will want it!

  5. Oh my dear you poor thing. I am also sick for about the fourth time this winter, and it sucks. Your poor nose. I must recommend using a good balm around your nose, starting use as soon as you begin to fear for the future existence of your nose. I use a paw paw one, or Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream - whichever is within reach. Helps stop the skin getting red raw and cracking. Get well soon!

    BTW the MJ perfume looks divine...

    1. Ohhh no, you poor thing :( I hope you feel better really soon. I haven't actually used the EA cream before. I've always wanted o try it out, but just never have.

  6. Thanks for the shoutout, honey! Sorry you're not feeling too well though. :(

    I love soft tissues with aloe vera and that's pretty much all I buy! I LOVE the look of Dot, how adorable is it? Love Marc Jacobs perfumes!

    I am also loving my 1skin lip balm, it's always on my nightstand waiting for me to use it.

    Hope you feel better soon, hun! xx

    1. Thanks hun :) Hahaha once you've had expensive tissues, you can never go back :)

  7. I could have sworn I commented on this back when you posted but apparently I haven't! I'm so glad you enjoyed my post - thanks so much for the mention!