How To: Fight The Frizzies

Sunday 22 July 2012

Frizzy hair is something that a lot of us suffer from and is a major hair concern. No matter how thin/thick/oily/dry our hair is, it doesn't make you immune to the frizzies. 

So why do you get frizzy hair? When hair is dry and porous, it sucks the moisture from the air and causes the hair strand to swell. 

Here are some ways to stop the frizz...

Don't over wash your hair
Our hairs natural oils help to protect our hair and are important. Instead of washing every day, use a dry shampoo to stretch your washing times to an extra day or even two.

Use a heavier conditioner
Switch your regular conditioner for a deep treatment conditioner or mask. The heavier conditioner will help to coat the hair and reduce frizz. If you have fine hair, a hair oil like VO5's Moisture Soak Hot Oil will moisturise without weighing down the hair. 

Don't rough up your hair
When drying your hair with a towel, be gentle and don't rub or twist the hair dry otherwise it creates friction and frizz. Instead pat the hair with the towel.

Air Dry
The best way to dry your hair is always by air drying it. But if you're in a hurry, it's not always an option. So check out the next tip for heat styling advice!

Invest in the right tools
If you can't live without your hair dryer/sraightener/curler, then make sure you use quality hair tools, or it will do more damage to your hair. Choose a hair dryer/straightener/curler that allows you to change the temperature. Always go for a lower temperature to limit the damage to your hair. And always use a heat protectant spray. 

Choose the right products
Look for anti frizz products. Oils and serums are great for eliminating frizz. If you find oils too heavy look for a spray version and spray into a hair brush, then brush through your hair to stop the oil from becoming heavy (You can also do this with hair spray if you find it's to heavy when sprayed directly onto the hair). 

What products do you love to use to eliminate frizz?


  1. All great tips. I tend to use a serum on the ends up my hair to stop my hair from becoming too limp after drying it.

    Thanks for sharing.

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