How To: Safety When Trying On Make Up At The Shops

Tuesday 10 July 2012

One of the best things about going into a shop, rather than ordering online, is that you get to see the products up close. You can see the finish on the product, hold it to see how it feels and what it looks like on your skin. As great as it is going into a shop to test out make up, they are are cesspool for bacteria, germs and even feces (grosssss!). 

Previous customers could of had a cold or flu, conjunctivitis or cold sores. So it's really important to protect yourself from any bacteria that's lurking in cosmetics.  

Next time you're in store checking out make up and skincare, remember these tips...

Never test on your lips. To try out lipsticks use the pads of your fingers. The skin is similar to that on your lips.

Test foundations on your chest and neck instead of your face.

Don't test eye shadows on your eyes. Instead use your hand or arm.

Mascaras can be a tube of germs so run away from any MUA that doesn't use a disposable wand. 

After using a tester, wash your hands (and the product off). 

Always remember that just because you and a MUA have clean hands, it doesn't mean the other hundreds of customers have clean hands too!

Do you use the testers at stores?


  1. I hate testers in store but usually stick to those tips if I do test! I never use on my lips or face (just the thought of some gross person before me with a bad flu and coldsore turns me right off!)
    These tips are great though for people who may not realise how unhygienic testers can be (and may help some offenders who don't realise either!)

    1. I would say SO many people don't know how unhygienic they are. I always see people putting lip testers on their lips :/ eekkk!

  2. Great tips! I never put any testers on my lips or face, always on my hands because of that reason!

  3. I don't usually use the testers in store, I just apply to my hands. If I am offered a disposable mascara wand I might try the mascara too. The worst example of makeup testing I've seen was in an airport where a lady was trying on several lipsticks directly from the tester lippys and the Mac staff member didn't say anything. Maybe he was too desperate for a sale?

    1. Ahhhhhhh thats terrible! I wonder if she just doesn't know about how bad the testers are?