Lust Have It July 2012

Wednesday 25 July 2012

VERY lucky for me, my LHI arrived yesterday just as I was leaving for the airport (phew!). I had a quick check of it to make sure there wasn't anything flammable and put it in my suitcase to check in.

I've only just been able to have a good look at it now. Here's what I found...

Mirenesse "Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine" Lip gloss 
I have a few of Mirenesse's Lip products already and find they are great. Very glossy, great colours and long lasting. This looks quite brown in the tube, but goes on quite sheer on my lips. It's perfect for a "no make up" make up look or a nude lip look. 

"Baby Foot"
I've seen a few of these type of foot exfoliating bags before, but have never used one. You put the "sock" onto your feet for two hours and then wash off. After a few days, the dry skin will peel off and you'll have baby smooth feet. I'm actually a little excited to try this, as it just sounds so strange. 

Matrix "Mix In Shine" Serum
Who doesn't like a shine serum! This can be used by itself, or applied onto hair with your other hair products. We have 2 x 4.4ml samples, which will be enough to test out to see if we like it.

Avene Eluage Firming Gel
This sample is for any of the anti aging lovers out there. It can be applied all over the face and neck to help with anti aging. The great thing with this is that a little bit goes a long way. 

Avene Rich Compensating Cream
Another Avene sample, but this one is for your body. For dry and sensitive skin, this is so beautiful for achieving baby soft skin (to go with your baby soft feet!) It's quite nice, but I do find that it does leave my skin a little bit greasy and shiny. 

Avene Cold Cream
And the final sample is of their facial moisturiser. This is amazing for anyone that has sensitive skin that's also dry. I really love it for sunburnt skin. It's thick without being heavy, and glides onto the skin. It leaves your skin moisturised and soft. 

Overall it was a nice box, but it wasn't as good as their usual boxes. It felt rushed and not as great quality as their other boxes. Bellabox outdid them on quality and quantity this month, which has been a first in a very long time. 

What did you think of this months box?


  1. Great post. So which age group was yours? x

  2. Thanks for posting. You might of seen from VF that I mentioned I had issues with my card in making payment, I decided to see what everyone got before making decision to fix the debit. I think I won't be continuing with LHI.

    I used to be a big LHI fan but last box and this box is anything to go by, I don't think I would continue to subscribe.

    I have subscribed from the beginning but I haven't gotten anything that a VIP member (but I am aware I pay monthly not annually, but they should be able to track that this), I missed out on the Ozsale offer - but it had the same items as one of their boxes. New Annual subscribers one time had an offer of the Lancome Gift pack...

    I think I should cut and paste this post and send it to
    Sorry for the vent!

    As for the box itself, it's nothing to run home about..I saw another blog post

    Seems like you got something different? Is it now based on age groups since last box?

    Are you an annual subscriber? Did you get any VIP gift?

    1. Ohhh no, its so sad that you're disappointed with them. I have to admit I'm not a fan of the different age boxes. As 27 they normally send me anti aging thing, which I dont care for :( Le Sigh! I've been tempted to change my age to get younger things hahaha

      I'm not an annual subscriber because I hate being locked into a yearly contract. Also with the beauty boxes closing down I thought it would be a bit of a risk to pay up front.

  3. I got quite a different one too, Matrix shampoo and conditioner, different avene products, etc. It will be my last LHI it box too, but I am a bellabox devotee!

    1. I saw another box that had the Avene eye make up remover which I would have loved

  4. Wow haven't seen this combination for the Lust Have It yet! I like the sound of the Baby Feet! I'd love to try that but I'd love the other box too! :)

    1. I'm still yet to try the baby feet but will do a review on it soon :)

  5. 'Baby Foot' sounds interesting. I have never heard of most of those brands but I am going to google them and check them out now :).

    Much love: I am trying to get my followers up at the moment so if you like what you see I will greatly appreciate your follow :). If you already follow I apologise.


    1. The baby feet is a little weird, but I'm so excited to try it :)