It's A Hair Crush! Sarah Murdoch

Wednesday 1 August 2012


I've been seeing giant ads for the new Channel 10 new dance show "Everybody Dance Now" around town. And while I don't care about the show, I am LOVING Sarah Murdoch's hair in the ads. 

The colour, the length, the style, EVERYTHING is perfect. I adore her hair and would love to do the same, but then realise that I don't have the hairdresser to do it every morning, nor do I have the photoshop guy to erase my flyaways and frizzes. (Seriously! How photoshopped is this ad!?! She is naturally gorgeous and doesn't need to be turned into a mannequin)

Who is your hair crush at the moment?


  1. I adore this, she looks amazing! I'm firmly stuck to long hair for now though! Although I wish I weren't Asian sometimes just so I could play around with blonde hair! It's way too hard to pull off as someone with naturally black hair and much too damaging!

    1. Some Asians look amazing with blonde hair, but it definitely takes it toll on the health of the hair :(

  2. She has the BEST hair:) Not sure about the show though, I am a little tv fatigued at the moment X