Rave: Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Nutri-Oil Serum

Sunday 5 August 2012

Ahhhh don't you just love products with super long names!! This one will be referred to as the "Dove Oil" since I can't be bothered writing out its full name.

While it's big on letters in its title, it's also big on promises. I first heard about this on the advert. It tells us that it's triallers thought it's "as good as Moroccan Oil!" That's a HUGE statement. Firstly because Moroccan Oil has a cult following, and secondly because it is a quarter of the price. 

But I can tell you after using it for a few weeks now, that it's pretty amazing. While I think Moroccan Oil is over hyped, I do love Argan and Macadamia Oils and think the Dove Oil is up there in my top 5 favourite oils. 

Firstly, who can go past the price. It's so incredibly affordable. For $10 (in Australia) you get 40mls, which might look small, but lasts a LONG time since you only need a few drops. It's in a plastic bottle, but doesn't look cheap. I love the look of glass bottles, but they are safety hazard around a clutz like me, so the plastic is perfect. It has a pump so it's easily distributed in your hands. 

This oil contains coconut and almond oil to add moisture and softness to the hair. Unless you are using it by the truckload, it won't make your hair oily/greasy/yukky. 

These hair oils are amazing because they are a multi use product. You can use them as a styling product, to tame flyaways, give your hair shine and nourish it.

Are you a fan of this oil?


  1. Oo I really want to try this now! I've been using the John Freida full repair hair oil recently but when it runs out it'd be good to try something new :)

    Ellen xx

    1. I've tried the JF shampoos and conditioners and they just dont work for my hair :(

  2. I'm just about to do a rave post on this product myself! It's worked wonders for my hair and I can't get enough. Love, love, love! xx

    1. Just checked your blog and its not up yet, so I'll check back in a few days. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it