Rave: Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash

Sunday 19 August 2012

Anyone that reads my bog regularly will know I have a love hate relationship with skincare. The right skincare can make your skin glow and radiate. The wrong skincare can make your skin red, lumpy and bumpy and sore. 

We've all been there. Bought a cleanser that sounded great, and had bloggers praising it. Then 5 minutes after you've tried it your face is red and sometimes it can even leave your skin ruined for days. This has happened a few times to me. Sometimes it isn't too bad and the redness goes down after you've washed it off your face and put on a moisturising cream. Othertimes I've had reactions so bad that I've had tiny bumps all over my face and neck that lasted for a week. Hence why I'm hesitant to try new skincare. 

Luckily, I have found my Holy Grail cleanser! The Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash is heavenly and has made me like cleansers again. No reactions, just beautiful skin.

It's a gel cleanser, but doesn't leave your skin feeling dry or tight afterwards. 

The packaging is very simple. White with green. The top is slightly unusual since it's a twist top that unscrews to allow the product to come out (see the picture above).

It doesn't contain sulphates, so it's perfect for dry skin since the skin doesn't dry out from the suds. It also has lavender and sage to help soothe the skin. 

In the range, there is also a Detox Daily Cleanser and the Purify Clarifying Cleanser for oily and congested skin. 

It's on the pricey side. In Australia it's $36 from Mecca, but considering it's $32 in the US, we haven't been overcharged! Which is fantastic. It also lasts ages. You only need a little bit. I've been using mine for about 6 weeks now and still have so much left. 

Kate Somerville is the skincare specialist to the stars in the US. Her range is made for people with all skintypes. She' seen it all before and has tried to release a range that has something for everyone. You're getting your own skincare expert in a bottle with her products. 

What's your holy grail cleaner? Have you tried the Kate Somerville range yet?


  1. I have been using the neutrogena cleanser for the longest time, I feel like I will never change haha but this looks lovely!

    Check out my blog

    1. I sometimes fall back on the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream cleanser for when my skin is freaking out. I've been using it on and off since I was a teen. It's great!

  2. Thank you for dong this review! I can;t wait to go try it out now :)

  3. Ooh! This sounds great! I often get horrible reactions from skin care.
    My holy grail cleanser atm is Trilogy's Cream Cleanser!

    Sharleena xx

    1. I've heard great things about the Trilogy one. I still haven't yet tried a trilogy product! It's on my to try list :)

  4. Sounds fabulous! I think it actually sounds quite affordable, too!

    I hate changing skincare as my skin has been reacting to everything lately, so better safe than sorry!

    1. Ahhh yes. The first few day of trialing something is scary because you dread getting a reaction from it.