Want It Wednesdays: Laura Mercier "Organza" Nail Lacquer

Wednesday 15 August 2012


I have a love hate relationship with nail polish. I love having it on, but hate the time it takes to "paint and wait" for it to dry. But this nail polish has the potential to change all that. 

"Organza" is a gorgeous nude colour with gold and silver sparkles. It's sheer, so it's perfect for anyone that likes simple with a (glittery) twist. 

For some gorgeous swatches, look here to see the gorgeous effect the shimmer gives the beigey pink base. 

Are you put off by the "paint and wait" too?


  1. Oooh! Utterly gorgeous! I'm a little late to the Laura Mercier party but I've recently bought a few pieces as the prices have come down this year.

  2. I've taken my nail polish off 3 times in the last 24 hours for that exact reason! I get impatient and end up ruining it before its dry!

  3. No paint and wait for me with Poshe top coat! Loving it, I can change polish every day if I want to. :P

    I must say this colour is absolutely gorgeous! However, I have (somehow) accrued ten bottles of polish in the past 2 weeks and I have no idea how...so perhaps I'd best abstain. :(

    It...is...really...gorgeous...though... :(