Priceline "Pout Day" with Boujois

Friday 21 September 2012

Today I attended the Priceline Guinness World Records official attempt for the largest make up class, in Martin Place. It was open to everyone, and there was a really great turnout. 

The Priceline Tent

The tent where it was held was electric with excitement.  Not only did we get a little goodie bag of Bourjois products, but we were given a 10 minute make up class using the products.

The tent filling up with excitement (and people!)

Before starting the masterclass, they did a mini interview with 3 beauty editors from ACP magazines (who are in conjunction with Priceline in the 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty). They were asked what is your must have beauty item. Concealer and an eyelash curler were a must have for them. Also choosing 2 different concealers for under eyes and blemishes. They have different issues, so you should be using a brightening one for your eyes and something that's creamy to help cover blemishes. If you use a brightening concealer on your blemishes, it will just highlight them. 

When talking about trends, we know brights are still big, but it's moving up to your eyes. If colourful eyeshadow scares you, then slowly move into colour with a colourful eyeliner. 

Another great tip I picked up, was instead of wasting your money on colourful bobby pins, just use your nail polish to paint your normal bobby pins. It's such a great tip, ONLY if you can find your bobby pins. (Does anyone else have trouble finding them? I swear there's a bobby pin fairy that steals them at night.)

Stands full of amazing Bourjois products

Now onto the Bourjois goodie bag...

This included everything we needed to participate in the event. There was a cute mirror, so we could see what we were doing. Blush ("Rose d'Or") which we could apply on our cheeks, but also use as an eyeshadow. The "Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara" helped our lashes to be VaVaVoom. And finally to perfect our pout I had The Sweet Kiss Naturel in "Rose Delicat."

Celebrating completing the make up class
  There were 261 people that participated, helping to break the record. 

It's official! We broke the record!

One fantastic part of the event, was when Bourjois donated $20,000 to the Look Good Feel Good charity. 

Bourjois presenting a $20,000 cheque to
the "Look Good Feel Good" charity. 

And here are some swatches of the products.

On the left, there's a light swatch of the blush. It's a beautiful pink with gold shimmer. On the right there is a light and heavy swatch of the lipstick. It's so moisturising! 

I was sitting next to the beautiful Tram who blogs over at The-Beautifool. Check out her blog, as she is not only a fantastic blogger (who just blogged about blue eyeliner) but is also such a sweet person!

Did you participate in the day? Have you or are you going to any of the events? I'll be at the beauty editor sessions at Martin Place today, so come back tomorrow for a wrap up of that. 


  1. I saw the photo's on Instagram, it looked like alot of fun!

    1. It was a lot of fun! It was great to be surrounded by other beauties :)

  2. Aw sounds awesome!! :D The goodie bag looks really nice!

  3. This seems really awesome! Yay for free products! I love the look of that blush :)

    1. The blush is amazing. It's a beautiful pink with a gorgeous golden shimmer. Perfect for uplifting your skin on "one of those days."

  4. Wow this sounded like lots of fun! Lucky :) You got such great Bourjois products too!xo

    1. It was a really great day. I can't wait to see what record they attempt next year.

  5. I think the fairy who steals bobby pins is the same fairy that steals hair ties!
    Great post :)

  6. I wish Adelaide had beauty events to go to, but they don't really. It's quite sad, I'd go to them all and have all of the fun!

    1. I know what you mean. When I lived in Adelaide there wasn't much. It's always the eastern side of Oz that gets all the fun stuff! :(

  7. What a lovely day, thank you for sharing and well done on breaking the record xx

  8. Aw!!! This event was so good! I really enjoyed it! It was SO nice meeting you!! Glad I spoke to you, because I was feeling a bit hesitant (I'm a shy peanut!) at first ^_^! See you at IMATS xx

  9. Thank you so much for posting! I wasn't able to go myself, but at least I can live vicariously through you.

  10. I could've sworn I posted on this but I can't find my comment now. :(

    I wanted to say that I was so jealous you got to go looks like an awesome event and for such a great cause! There weren't any events this year that I could make it to, most were within business hours or really far away!

    Love the photos and the post, I feel like I was right there with you. The mirror is super cute. :)