IMATS Haul Part 2: LASplash Cosmetics

Monday 1 October 2012

A brand I was interested in seeing at IMATS was LASplash. Their website sucked me in a few weeks ago with their colourful products. They have so many different types of eyeshadows, lipglosses and mascaras. If you love brights or glitter, you'll love their products. The prices on their site are also well priced and they also don't test on animals.

I knew from looking at their website I wanted to get a least 4 different products to test them out and see what the quality is like.

I ended up choosing 5 products...

I bought 2 of their Enlightened Creamy Shadow Base. When I was first looking at the testers I actually thought they were highlighters. But then saw they were eyeshadows. I fell in love with the colours and knew even though they weren't what I thought they were, I knew that I needed them.

"Highlight" is a gorgeous shimmery pinky pearl. "Nude" is a beautiful shimmery golden brown. The great thing with these is that you can wear them alone, or under a powder eyeshadow for added colour and longer lasting results.

The next thing I bought from them was their Diamond Lux Instense Eyeshadow. Even though they had some beautiful colours, I stuck with a dark brown. These are highly pigmented and will be great for intensifying my lash line or making a bold brown smokey eye. The colour I picked is "Heavenly" (which looks lighter on the website).

I adore the packaging of the eyeshadow. The imprint on the eyeshadow makes it much more unique than other eyeshadows, and I love the red packaging. It will make it easier to find through the millions of other eyeshadows I have.

The last eye product I got was the Hydro Liquid Shadow. I love the idea of a liquid or cream eye shadow but normally can't be bothered working with them. I love the look of the Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoos but don't wear them often since they take two to three times longer to apply than powder shadow.

I chose this to try and get away from powders. The colour I picked is " Duality" which is a shimmery purply brown. It's neutral enough for everyday so I have no excuse not to wear a liquid eyeshadow.

The last product I wanted to try was a lip product. They had some beautiful colours, but one really stood out to me.  It's a gorgeous berry colour but still is quite sheer and understated. It's perfect for getting a splash of colour without having a full on bright, bold lip. When I swatched it, I instantly fell in love.

I think all of these were about $7-$8, not that I asked how much they were!

And that's my LASplash haul. I can't wait to try them out and test their quality.


  1. I like the packaging of the LASplash, I would be sold on those too. Can't wait to hear more on your thoughts about them :)

    1. I can't wait to try them. First want to do a quick cull of my old make up before using these.

  2. The packaging is really nice :) that Diamond Lux eye shadow looks lovely!

  3. Such pretty colours! Should have got something from the LA Splash stand ;) hehe

    1. Hehehehehe. Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda. Hope work wasnt too bad on Sunday :)

  4. Oh very pretty! The Diamond Lux eyeshadow does indeed have very nice packaging!

    1. I love the packaging too :) Normally it's only high end products that have intricate detailing.