Sun Screen WIthout The Oil Slick: Sun Sense Daily Face SPF 30+

Thursday 11 October 2012

A few weeks ago, I wrote about actively trying to use sunscreen EVERY DAY, even the days I was staying inside. I think the best way to get into a routine is by doing it everyday, not just the days you need it. 

I think previously I've been bad with applying sunscreen because I had yet to find a good one that didn't make my skin feel greasy or make it break out. When you have combination or oily skin, sunscreen can be one of your biggest challenges. 

I have now found a few that I like that don't make me break out (Dermalogica "Solar Defense Booster SPF 30" and Ultraceuticals "Protective Daily Moisturiser Spf 30"), but today I'm bringing you a cheaper (in price, not quality) sunscreen for oily skin.

Sun Sense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish has been my go to face suncreen for the last 3 weeks. It's a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects you from UVA and UVB rays.

It's perfect for oily skin, combination skin and acne prone skin because it's not only oil free but also a matte formula. No greasy or shiny faces happen with this gem. 

It also has a tint, which goes on sheer (or invisible) as the name suggests. It's the perfect everyday sunscreen. 

One thing that I love about this suncreen is that it's made  for the Australian conitions and is tested in Australia.

It's available in a 75gm tube ($14.99) or a 200ml bottle ($26.99).

Are you sun smart or a sunscreen sinner?

PS Sunsense is going around Australia in their Sun Sense UV Photo Bus, so check it out if you're interested to see how much sun damage is below your skins surface. The dates and details are here 


  1. I'm not very sun smart :( I do try to stay out of the sun though as I tan very fast and I actually prefer to stay (relatively) paler as it suits me more. I don't swim or go to the beach or generally even be outside unless I'm walking to the car/train station.

  2. I heard about the bus yesterday and I'd love to check it out but I'm a little scared.

    I use sunscreen everyday, even in winter because like you, it's easier to get into the habit of just doing it!

    I use invisible zinc face sunscreen as it doesn't leave me feeling greasy and doesn't easily sweat off... but i do let it sink in for a good 20 minutes before putting anything over it so it's not great if you're time poor.

  3. I use spf 15 every day and spf 30 when I'm actually going to be outside for any length of time :)

  4. I use this sunscreen! It is amazing, and the best sunscreen I have use that is affordable :) I love how it has such great protection too!

  5. I've learnt the hard way that my skin doesn't like chemical sunscreens and so will skip this one out. Personally, I think I'd prefer to go oily and use a physical sunscreen instead of no sunscreen at all, so I'll be using my Natural Instincts one. :)