Eye Make Up Remover Without Irritation: Mirenesse Purify Dual Comfort Eye & Lip Make Up Remover Review

Thursday 1 November 2012

I've always been bad at taking off my eye make up. I wash my face (twice!) every night to get rid of make up but was always slack when it came to my eye make up. 

I went through a phase of using eye make up wipes, but found that some are quite irritating even though they are amazing at getting rid of waterproof mascara. Then there are the ones that are gentle, but don't do a great job of getting rid of panda eyes!

Lately I've been using the Mirenesse Purifying Dual Comfort Eye & Lip Make Up Remover. I can't tell you what it's like as a lip make up remover, as I haven't tried it, but I LOVE it as a eye make up remover. 

It really is comforting since it contains Aloe Vera. The Orange Oil helps to dissolve the make up.  

The packaging is really cool. The clear bottle lets you see how much is left. The blue looks really cool in your bathroom. To open it, you twist the lid and out pops the pump to get out the product. 

It's an oil based product that you need to shake before using. I like to squirt a few pumps of the oil onto a make up remover wipe. Then I put it on my eye for 5-10 seconds before gently wiping off. Then I repeat it on the other eye. Depending on how heavy my eye make up is, I can get away with 1 wipe for light make up or 1 wipe per eye for heavier eye make up.

It retails for $39.50AU or as a VIP member it costs $31.60. You can order it here.

What's your favourite eye remover?


  1. I love the packaging of this. My favourite is Neutrogena's, works so well with heavy eye makeup :)

    1. I've never tried that one, but know a lot of beauty bloggers like it. Along with the Maybelline one.

  2. The packaging of this is really sweet. At the moment, I love Natio's eye make-up remover. My eyes are quite sensitive and I've had no trouble with it. Would you say the Mirenesse is worth the price?

    1. I've never used the Natio remover...one of the few Natio products I havent used. I think like all brands, there are hit and misses. Overall I've been really impressed with Mirenesse products. I bought this along with a gel eye shadow for about $25 (on their flash sale).

      If you're interested in their products, check out their flash sales (they have a new one every day). It's a great way of trying out a new brand without spending lots of money. I bought the other day a pack that had a mascara + 3 full size "surprise" products for less than $20. The mascara alone is $40, so you can get some great products in their sales.