Beauty On A Budget: Elf Cosmetics Cuts Their Aussie Prices

Wednesday 19 December 2012


Hi lovelies!

I've been super busy with relocating interstate over the last 2 weeks and while this is old news to some, it might be new news to others. 

At the end of November, ELF announced that it was dropping its prices in Australia. Currently you can get the cheaper prices only online. The prices are still more expensive if you purchase them in store (at selected chemists), but in January they will also be dropped to match online prices.

I think this is such a fantastic initiative for ELF to take. While ELF has always been inexpensive, the Australian mark up has been 2-3 times higher than what the US pays. Now the prices are fairer and I'm more likely to buy more. 

Also ELF are offering free express post shipping on orders $40+ until midnight on Friday 21st December. Just remember to use the code CHRISTMAS at the checkout. 

Visit the ELF Australia website here.

What brand do you think will cut their prices next?


  1. this makes me so happy! they are a great brand,i love that makeup companies are starting to follow illamasqua's footsteps :)

  2. I think it's kind of sad actually, they used to offer free shipping permanently for any order over $30, but this isn't the case now, they only occasionally do free shipping for orders. I don't think it's worth buying $30 and then paying an extra $10 on shipping... in the end their still getting the same amount of money from us :(

  3. Thank you for posting about this hun :) I have never tried anything from elf before. I hope mac will drop their prices but I doubt it will happen!

  4. I wish more brands would follow suit and drop their prices! Good initiative of elf.
    Thanks for letting us know :)

    Amber xx

  5. Are there any places in victoria you can buy ELF, or is it only online now?