Introducing... "Furless" (includes Haul + First Impressions)

Sunday 30 December 2012

I had heard about the brand Furless a few months ago on a couple of blogs, but didn't really check them out as I didn't need any more brushes at the time. Then this week I saw that Jodi from Goo Roo Beauty uploaded a video on a set of Furless Brushes. If you haven't seen Jodi's channel before, she's an Aussie YouTuber that's so relatable and has a great mix of highend and drugstore reviews. I actually used her review of the Rae Morris Brushes to work out my picks on what brushes I should buy at Imats. 

Furless is an Australian brand that are both cruelty free, vegan and Halal friendly. 

I purchased the...

Must Have Professional Makeup Brush Set

This set of 20 brushes (along with the case) is what Jodi was sent to review. I was "umming" and "ahhhing" on if I should order this as I really didn't need all of the brushes. I have quite a few eye brushes already and there were a couple brushes in the set that I didn't think I would use (like the angled liner). 

But when I tallied up the brushes that I wanted (like the Fan Brush, Stippling Brush, Lash/Brow Groomer, Buffer Brush, Pointed Contour Brush and more), it made more sense to buy the set. The brushes end up being only $7.49 per brush when you buy them in the set. If you purchase single brushes they range from $11.95 to $14.95 each.

The brush roll it comes with is such a great design. It not only is a brush roll, but also a brush belt. While I won't really use the belt since I only do make up on me, it's great for any aspiring make up artists. 

I won't go into too much detail about the set now (since I'm planning on doing a post of their own once I've used them), but here's some basic information and pictures of the set.

These face brushes cover all of your bases. There's a powder brush, a stippling brush, angled foundation brush, pointed contour brush, angled contour brush and buffing brush. Above them is the white fan brush. This has to be my favourite. It's so fluffy, white and beautiful (It reminds me a little bit of my cat Simba!). 

These brushes are all of the Pro "M" brushes. They are the pointed blending brush, precision brush, blunt pencil brush, extended concealer brush, pencil brush and angled liner brush. These brushes are multi purpose. You can use them for eyes, lips and concealing.

These brushes are apart of the Pro "E" brushes. They include a lash/brow groomer, blending brush, angled shading brush, precision eyeliner brush, domed blending brush and eyeshadow brush. These brushes are what you need to make the perfect smokey eye or 60's winged liner look. 

I can't wait to use the lash/brow groom since it has a metal lash groomer instead of the plastic or hair looking ones. While I don't really wear much eyeliner, I'm interested in how easily the precision eyeliner brush will work for a clumsy gal like myself. 

This is the only official lip brush in the set, although because the brushes are synthetic, you can use one of the eye brushes on your lips. The "M" set contain brushes that are great to use on the lips. I prefer a bigger lip brush since my pout is on the puffier side. Using a thin brush on my lips would take too long. 

Bamboo Kabuki Buffer Brush

Kabuki Brushes are something that is missing in my brush collection. I have multiples of every brush but only own one sole Kabuki brush (the Real Techniques one). I love that this is a flat top buffing brush, so I can use it to apply my foundation regardless of if it's a liquid or a cream. 

This is a really soft brush that will be perfect for buffing in foundation. It's not too stiff or too soft, so it makes it feel soft against your face when you're applying your foundation. There's nothing worse than a hard and scratchy foundation or powder brush!

They also have a traditional Kabuki Brush, that you can see here, that will be going on my wishlist. 

This retails for $19.95

Mini Bamboo Makeup Brush Set
I got this set to leave at my parents house. My hubby is away for work for about 5-6 weeks, and I'll be staying with my parents for two days a week so I don't get too lonely in my house. At least having brushes there makes packing easier. I also have make up, body moisturiser and hair products left there so I don't have to bring them each stay.

The set contains...

Powder Brush

Blush Brush

Eyeshadow Brush x 2

Angled Eyeliner Brush

Crease Brush (eyes)

Lash/Brow Groomer (Spoolie)

I love the case the brushes come in. It's small enough to have in your handbag or even a clutch purse. There is also a small section to put your essential make up in.

The brushes are quite small (since it's a travel size) so I wouldn't recommend this set if you are wanting to use it everyday as your main set. You're better either purchasing their Purple Power Makeup Brush Set or the Must Have Professional Makeup Brush Set

This retails for $24.95.

They also include a free gift with every purchase (no matter the cost of the order). I received the Punk Pink Powder Brush

This brush is really nice and fluffy. While it's soft, I did notice that the powder brush in the Professional set did feel slightly softer. I found that it dried quickly as well, while the Professional brush took longer. 

I love the Magenta handle. It's quite a long handle, but you can hold the ferrule for more precise application if you need to. The handles on the professional set are also long, so if you stand too close to the mirror while applying make up like I do (damn crappy eye sight!), you'll hit the handle (multiple times!) against the mirror.

I'm also wanting to order their Black Mock Crocodile Clutch Brush Roll (which is currently on sale for only $14.97) to put all of my odd brushes into. 

They also sell make up. Their "Charming" Blush looks like the perfect everyday blush for a pretty romantic look. Their eyeshadows in Tenacious and Resilient are my two favourite. 

They have a 30 day money back guarantee. Just send back your products for either a replacement or your money back. 

You can purchase Furless products here

Shipping rates are $5.00 for standard Australian Post or $12.00 for Express Shipping around Australia. For International orders it cost $12.50 for orders under 500gms. 

I purchased mine on Thursday morning, using express post, and it arrived interstate on Friday at lunch time. 

*All prices are in Australian dollars

While I did pay for this with my own money, I did receive them at a discounted price. This has not changed or influenced my opinion. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.


  1. The pink powder brush is so pretty!! The form of it kinda reminds me of my Bloom mineral powder brush that I use to apply liquid foundation or blush.

    I haven't tried Furless brushes but looking forward to your upcoming reviews on them =)

    1. I have a dual Bloom powder and foundation brush that I love. I wonder if it's the same as your one?

  2. I had heard about these brushes as well but have never used them myself. I am looking forward to a detailed review once you have used them and maybe I might pick up some as well :) I really like that they come with a case and everything

    1. The case is fantastic. I just ordered the croc roll to put my other loose brushes in. Will show pictures when I get it :)

  3. Hey girl- thanks for the shout -out! Hope you enjoy these brushes and looking forward to your follow-up review! Jodi x

    1. Thanks for your review! :) Your reviews are so helpful. I hope you like mine once it's posted :D

  4. Hey girl- thanks for the shout -out! Hope you enjoy these brushes and looking forward to your follow-up review! Jodi x

  5. I love the look of these brushes. New brushes are always so exciting! My bestie got me a beautiful, hot pink, bronzer brush from Make Up Store for Christmas. J'adore X

    1. I haven't tried the MUS before, mostly because they are a bit pricey, but they have some beautiful products.