Mirenesse December Skincare Glamm Box

Friday 7 December 2012

Beauty boxes have been around for a while now and are such a great way of being able to try out new things for a small price. 

Mirenesse have jumped onto the beauty box wagon and have release 3 types of beauty boxes. There is a make up box, a skincare box or a mixed box. The great thing about these boxes is you get a say in what you're sent (to a certain degree). Unlike Bellabox or LHI, you can purchase just a box full of make up. 

When you put the make up box in your cart, you also pick your skin colour so products that are sent (like a foundation sample) are matched to your skintone. For the moment, you don't pick your skin type when you get the skincare box. Hopefully in the future they will do this so you're sent products that are suitable for your skin type. 

Each box is $15, and you get between 3-5 products, with at least 1 being full sized. The boxes are valued up to $80 worth of product. 

I received the December boxes today. I got one of each (make up and skincare) so I can see what they were like. I'm not a huge skincare person, but curiosity made me get one.

I haven't used Mirenesse skincare before, so I thought the glamm box would be a great introduction. 

In the December Skincare Glamm Box, there was...

Power Clear "D-Blemish Gel Cleanser" (60g)

This gel cleanser is great for combination to oily skin as it helps to clear blemishes. It contains salicylic acid, lavender and peppermint oil. I find a lot of blemish cleansers quite harsh, but because this has lavender, it helps to soothe skin. I probably won't use this every time I cleanse since I don't suffer from blemish prone skin, but will use this when I'm breaking out. 

This is a full size cleanser. It retails for $49.50 or $39.60 for VIPs.

Power Lift "Treatment Cream" (10g)

This cute deluxe mini daily moisturiser is something that I'm really excited to try. I'm 28, and while aging isn't a major concern for me, prevention is always better than trying to cure it later in life. I don't have any major lines, but am starting to notice very fine lines around my eyes, thanks to limited sleep since having my daughter. 

This is a great anti aging treatment that can be used in two ways. You can either use it as a moisturiser, or apply onto your skin for 15 minutes as an anti aging mask. I love that it's a pump moisturiser, since it's much more hygienic than a tub. 

This mini 10g size retails for $13.95 or $11.16 for VIPs.

Power Lift "Foam Cleanser" (10g)

Another deluxe sample size. This one is an anti aging, soap free foam cleanser. It contains Orange Oil, which is great for any type of skin because it helps to balance and restore your skin regardless of if it's oily or dry.

This mini 10g size retails for $8.95 or $7.16 for VIPs.

Power Lift Massage Bead Cleanser (10g)

While this is marketed as a cleanser, it's actually an exfoliator. Use 2-3 times a week for clear, healthy, smooth skin. If you don't exfoliate regularly, those amazing (and sometimes pricey) serums and moisturisers you use will only be working on dead skin cells. 

This has some amazing ingredients such as rose water, coconut extract and orange oil. 

This mini 10g size retails for $11.95 or $9.56 for VIPs.

Overall there is $84.35 worth of value from Decembers box, or $67.48 if you're a VIP. 

Another amazing part about the Glamm boxes is that you can "autoship" your boxes every "X" days. There are 30, 60, 90 and 120 days available. So if you find getting a box every month too much, then picking every 90 days is a great way of getting products without being swamped with samples every month. This is something that would be great for other box companies to do also. 

You can also purchase the boxes whenever you want if you don't want them every "X" amount of days. This can be a great option if you like a particular months box. For example if you read my blog and think "Wow! What a great box this month, I might order it," this payment method would be great for you.

I really love the idea of the skincare box. It's a great way of getting to try out their skincare, since it's a bit pricey. Mirenesse do have sample sizes and travel kits which you can purchase online also. 

Hopefully in future skincare boxes they'll have their eye creams, sunscreen and cloth face masks in a box to trial! 

If you're interested in Mirenesse, but aren't sure about signing up to their VIP program, then this is a great way of getting to try out the brand before signing up. If you're interested in the VIP program, I blogged about it here because I couldn't find much info about it, from customers, myself. 

What do you think of a skincare only box? Is skincare your "thing?"

PS To find out more about the skincare box see their website here or information on all 3 boxes can be found here


  1. I like the idea of a skin care box as well since it is something that I don't change as often as I could and therefore don't get to see whether anything works better.

    1. Ahhh skincare is so tricky. Once you've found what works for you, it's hard to try something new.

  2. Thanks for the post! I saw these on the Mirenesse website yesterday and couldn't decide on which box I wanted to try out. I think I'll wait until you get your make-up box to decide :) I love that you get a choice, but it makes it more difficult to pick!


    1. They do have a mixed box too if you don't mind a mixture of skincare and make up. I'm working on the make up post. It will be up either tonight or tomorrow :)

  3. thanks for the heads up,so happy i read this! such a great idea :)

  4. Hey! I'm thinking of cancelling my Bellabox and Lust Have It! box subscriptions and signing up to the make up one of these instead. What do you think?

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  6. I need to have the gel cleanser, I have an oily skin and just want to have it look dry and clean, I have used it once when I went to Melbourne a friend gave it to me and its really good .

  7. I really need yo sign up to one of these monthly gift box sets, which other ones have you used? I want to try the best one...

    Great blog btw! Glad I stumbled across it!