Mirenesse "Power Lift Foam Cleanser" Review

Monday 31 December 2012

I love Mirenesse make up, but have only just gotten into their skincare. I received a 10g sample of this in my December Skincare Glam Box

Even though it's called a foam cleanser, it comes out as a cream. I actually thought that I had a different product in the packaging at first. But once I used it, it turned from a cream into a foam. 

The smell is AMAZING! It's a gorgeous citrus smell that not only wakes you up, but your skin too.

It contains Orange oil, which is great for blemishes since it helps to restore your skin to a more balanced oil level. The Olive oil helps to moisturise your skin and stops it from drying out. 

I love that this is an anti aging cleanser. I'm in that annoying stage where my skin still breaks out, but 30 is just around the corner. So anything that is for oily skin makes my skin feel tight, but most creams or hydrating cleansers make me break out. 

After I've used this, my skin feels squeaky clean and soft. I do need to make sure that I follow up with a toner and moisturiser, otherwise my skin will feel dry. If you have dry skin, this cleanser may not be for you. 

You can purchase either a 10g sample for $8.95 (or $7.16 for VIPs) or the full size cost $44.50 for 60g (or $35.60 for VIPs). 

What cleanser are you using at the moment?

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