Mirenesse VIP December Box

Monday 24 December 2012

Every second month, Mirenesse sends it's VIP customers a box of goodies. This is the second box that I've received, and I really loved it!

Here's what was in the box...

Magic Touch Foundation SPF15 (40g)
This full size foundation is my favourite product in the box. I haven't used their foundations before, and am so glad I was sent one to try. I always find ordering foundations and powders online tricky since I'm pale, so it's a great way of being able to see if "Vanilla" (which is the lightest colour available) is the right colour for me. 

Onto the foundation ... Firstly the scent is really unusual. It's a very botanical scent (if that makes sense) and is so light and easy to apply. It reminds me of my Bourjois "Healthy Mix Foundation," except dewier and slightly more coverage. It really gives you a healthy glow (not a greasy glow) and has amazing staying power. A little bit goes a long way and this should last me for about 3-4 months with near daily use. If you have oily skin, you may need to apply a powder over it or use blotting papers in the afternoon. Like any dewy foundation, it can become slightly greasy if you have oily skin.

It has a sponge at the top, but I don't use that since I love applying my foundation with my Rae Morris "Deluxe Buffer" Brush. I probably won't use the sponge, and just stick to using my brushes since it's a bit more hygienic.  

You can use it without the sponge.
Just open it underneath the sponge/lid.

This mineral foundation is made for sensitive skin. If you want a healthy glow, with minimal effort, this foundation is what you need! 

My wrist is swatched and blended on top.
Underneath is what it looks like pre blending.

I loved this so much that I actually went and bought their Crown Princess Skin Perfect Pores Foundation the very next day. 

It also has a mirror on top of the lid, which I love. 

This retails for $39.60 for a VIP or $49.50 for non subscribers. 

Touch On Concealer (8g)
I actually already own this and really like it. I like to use it as an eye concealer since it helps to moisturise the area and fill in lines. I still prefer their Icon Sealer Concealer to deal with pesky pigmentation and redness around the cheeks and nose. 

This retails for $23.60 for a VIP or $29.50 for non subscribers.

Above is swatched heavily.
Below is sheer.

Viva Eternal Gloss in "Play Bunny" (8g)
These glosses are fantastic for everyday use. They are long lasting and hydrating. While I love Mirenesse Lip Glosses, I find their lip plumping ones too much for everyday use, so I love to use these for a hit of colour. I have 4 others which are pale pinky colours. 

While this looks red in the tube, it's more of a raspberry colour. You can build it up, but since it's a gloss it can feel tacky if you apply too much. I prefer to apply it sheer for some colour without it feeling heavy or sticky. 

This retails for $23.96 for VIPs or $29.95 for non subscribers.

All up, the box has over $87.00 worth of value. I'm so pleased with the box, especially the foundation. It's become my go to foundation for summer.

If you want to see what was in the last box, click here

Do you prefer this box or the last one? 


  1. Looks like this month's box was a really good one. I have always wondered what their foundations would be like so I think I might give them a go once I run out of my current Clinique one :)

    1. They have great foundations. I love that they have quite a few so you can find the perfect one for your skintone :)

  2. So, I received my VIP box this month. Apparently, all the items in the box were the same as reviewed here. Although I was hoping for both makeup and skincare, I still received all makeup. I don't really need the concealer as I don't find that I need to ever use one. I also don't need another foundation or lip gloss as I've got too many to use at the moment.

    1. I guess that's one downside of beauty boxes...you don't get to say what you want, or don't like! Hopefully your next box will be better for you :)