Mirenesse "Mixed" January Glamm Box

Tuesday 22 January 2013

This is the final box for January from Mirenesse. I've already blogged about the skincare and make up glam box. 

While I liked the make up box, I loved the skincare box. 

So lets have a look at what was in the mixed box...

Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain (Number 4)

This is a gorgeous colour. It's a deep pink. I love the lip bombs. They last a long time, they don't dry out your lips. 

They're a hybrid of a lip stain, gloss and lacquer. It also has the nicest minty scent. 

I love the applicator. It's an odd shape, but works really well with the curves of your lips. 

This retails for $31.20 for VIPs or $39.00 for non VIPs.

Eclipse Age Defence Daily Face Balm (1g)

In the January make-up glamm box they included the tinted version of this. This version is the clear sunscreen that you apply with a sponge. I tried this straight away, as this has been on my wishlist. 

It sounds strange to apply sunscreen with a sponge but this sinks in really nicely. If it's just an average day, I apply this as a sunscreen/primer. But if I need my make up to last, then I apply a separate primer. It doesn't leave your skin oily like some sunscreens can. 

I've heard some people say it makes them white, but since I'm pale that hasn't been a problem. If you're tanned or naturally dark, then the tinted version might be better suited. 

This is an SPF 15+ sunscreen. 

This retails for $8.76 for VIPs or $10.95 for non VIPs.

Power Clear D-Blemish Treatment Gel (5g)

This mini sample is of their blemish gel. It purifies pores, while also rebalancing the oil production. You use this after cleansing your face. I really love the matching cleanser since it's soft and gentle, even though it's for blemished skin. My skin has been breaking out lately, so this is perfect for me! 

This retails for $4.79 for VIPs or $8.95 for non VIPs. 

Absolutely Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (5g)

This was in the make up box last month. I still haven't used the last one! I love tinted moisturisers for those days when you want to have more of a natural beauty look. But lately I've been trying to use up my foundations, as I have a LOT open all at once. 

This retails for $4.76 for VIPs or $5.95 for non VIPs. 

Overall there was nearly $50 value for VIPs or nearly $65.00 for non VIPs. 

So that was the mixed box. I did like it, but probably wouldn't get it again if I was also getting the other 2 boxes. 


  1. I got the makeup box and I LOVED the daily face and neck balm!

    1. It's amazing isn't it!!! I ended up buying the full size when it was on special after trying it.

  2. What is the website address for the the Glam Box? x


    1. Hi Bridget!

      Here's the link :)