Nailing It: Tips For Perfect Nails

Thursday 10 January 2013

Here are my tips for getting beautiful results quickly...

If you’re in a hurry, use a sheer colour. This way you can be out of the door much quicker since you can get away with only one coat. I love shimmery pale pinks if I’m in a hurry. They don’t show up smudges or chips as noticeably like bright bold colours do.

If you have chips in your fingertips, add a sparkly glitter coat onto the tips. This helps hides the chips quickly. If I have smudges, chips or bubbles in the coat, I’ve been known to add a sparkly glitter coat on top to hide it. This is great if you need your nails to be presentable at work but don’t have enough time to redo them.

Apply your nail polish in thin coats. If its too thick and heavy, not only will it take longer and be more likely to smudge, it will also create bubbles. To make sure you don’t apply to much, wipe the brush before applying a coat to get rid of excess nail polish in the bottle.

Healthy beautiful nails start from the inside, so make sure you eat well and take hair, skin and nail vitamins.
Don’t shake a nail polish bottle if it’s separated. Instead roll the bottle in the palms of your hands. This will mix it, without causing bubbles in the bottle and on your nails.

Use a strengthening top coat to not only lock in your nail colour but also improve the health of your nails.

If you have a chip in your nail, use a small amount of nail polish remover to smooth out the area and then apply nail polish onto it. If you don’t smooth out the edges first, you’ll see the chipped polish underneath the new polish.

You might have heard that you can use cold water to make your nails dry quicker, but did you know if you spray a light spray of hairspray you’ll also get faster drying nails!

DON'T peel or chip away at your nails and nail polish.

Use gloves when dealing with harsh chemicals and when washing your hands. This not only will protect your nail polish, but the health of your hands too.

Always remember your cuticles and use a special cuticle cream.

What's your best hand or nail tip? If you have a post on your blog or video on your youTube channel, feel free to post the link below :)


  1. Ooh, yes, I definitely agree that you should wear gloves when dealing with harsh chemicals! Dish washing, clothes washing etc.... gloves are a must!!

    1. I'm so terrible with this one, but it makes a huge difference when you use them. :)