Want It Wednesday: Vani-T "Complete Cosmetic Brush Set"

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Apart from lip products, brushes are my favourite beauty product. They make SO much difference to your final result. I can do more with quality brushes and drugstore make up, than I ever could with expensive make up and low quality brushes. If you are finding your make up is being ruined by scratchy brushes, then it's time to invest in a quality brush set. 

The thing with brushes is that yes, they are expensive. But they will last a lifetime (or at least a decade) if you use them correctly and care for them. So while it may seem like a huge cost upfront, when you use them daily and they last for 10 years, they are worth every penny (and more)!

The newest brush set that I want is the Vani-T "Complete Cosmetic Brush Set." This 10 piece brush set (with faux leather brush roll/apron) has everything you need for the perfect make up look.

It contains...

1 x liquid foundation brush
1 x stippling brush
1 x kabuki brush
2 x blush brushes (1 angled for contouring and 1 round)
3 x eye shadow brushes (1 small, 1 meduim and 1 round angled)
1 x angled liner brush
1 x lip brush

These brushes are so beautiful. They are unlike any brushes I currently own. They have little crystals around the handle to make applying make up that bit more glamorous in the morning. 

You can also purchase the brushes separately (you can find the individual brushes here) but it ends up being cheaper to buy the set. The set costs $368.45 or if you purchased them all separately (+ the case) it would be $433.45. 

I love that Vani-T is an Australian brand that doesn't test on animals. They also do make up and tanning products. While I haven't used their products (YET!) I have heard great things about them from bloggers. 

Two beautiful bloggers, who's reviews I trust, have trialled the make up and have a post with swatches. Sarah from "A Beautiful Story" posted about their blush and eyeshadow, while Ingrid from "In Glossy Beauty" reviewed the lipstick (as well as their illuminator and bronzing custard which she has links to in the lipstick post). 

One thing that's great about the make up is the fact that they contain no nasties like talc, mineral oils, parabens and sulphates. So if you find that make up or tanning causes you to break out or get irritation, these products are for you! The ingredients are organic and the packaging is recyclable. So you can be ethical and also a "Eco Beauty." 

What's on your wishlist this week? 


  1. Hi Amy, thank you for the mention! :) These brushes sound great; if the makeup itself is anything to go by I'm sure I'd love these!

    And who can resist bling?! Lol! ;)

    (Due to ongoing iPad/Blogger issues I'm commenting as anon but it's Sarah :))

  2. Oh I've seen the brushes and I am craving them so badly. Such a great staple for a beauty collection:)

    Thank you so much for the link too, I love my Vani-T lippys X