Adelaide Beauty Bloggers Meetup at Media Makeup

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Just a word of warning... this is a bit of a long one. So get yourself a nice drink and a comfy seat. Sit back and enjoy :)

The other weekend, I had the most wonderful time with other beauty bloggers in Adelaide. We caught up at Media Makeup, which is in the city. Media Makeup are an Adelaide beauty school where you can go and do certificates and diplomas in all things beauty.

They also have an online website where they sell brands like Make Up For Ever,  Embryolisse, Elementwo, EVO hair and more. 

Media Makeup are one of only two businesses to sell Make Up For Ever in Australia. I'm not sure about you, but I prefer to buy from an authorised dealer. While it might cost more than purchasing on eBay or Strawberrynet, you know it's the real deal. It's safe, authentic and stored in the correct conditions. 

I'm not really familiar with Make Up For Ever (MUFE). But here's what I learnt...

It was started in France by artist Dany Sanz. She originally made make up for her theatre friends. Back then, there wasn't too much in the way of professional make up, especially for theatre. The colours were very basic. One day someone said to Dany that she should sell the make up, rather than giving it away for free. And that's how MUFE started!

All of the products are made for professionals. MUFE is HUGE in the US. It's the 2nd biggest selling make up brand. While it's pricey, it also is worth every penny. Their products are highly pigmented, so it means you don't need to use a lot. Because it's made for professionals, you know it will give a flawless finish. 

While the brand isn't huge here (most likely because it's not easily accessible like it is in the US), it's worth the effort to find.

Because it's made for professionals, it's long lasting, flawless, light on the skin and great for sensitive skin. The colour range is AMAZING!!! From the lightest skin, to the darkest.... there's a colour for everyone. 

Bec, who's the director of Media Makeup, talked about the products, while applying them onto the gorgeous model (who is actually a past student of MM!). It was so great how she explained the best ways of applying the products, and who it's best suited to. Because not every product is made for every skin type.

Here's Bec talking about the MUFE fluro make up!! 

While it's not an everyday look, it would be great for dressing up or a crazy night out. 

Another great thing was when Bec was talking about a product, she also passed some around so we could swatch them and feel the consistency. 

How a beauty blogger swatches!!!

The way Bec applied the make up was like watching an painter create art. She would step back and make sure that it was perfect before moving onto the next step.

Everyone was riveted to what Bec was saying...even her model!! This picture was taken when Bec was talking about false eyelashes. Her tips include using half lashes when you're in a hurry as you don't need to waste time cutting and sizing them. Also apply the glue onto your hand and dip the eyelash into the glue. This makes it not only easy but also stops you from applying too much glue onto the lashes. 

I loved that we could all interact and ask questions about the brand or product. Being new to MUFE, I appreciated all of the extra knowledge. 

Making sure it's perfect! And then TA-DA!!!! The final product! 

I loved how passionate Bec was about the brands she works with. You can tell working with these niche brands excites her because she gets to introduce people to all of these amazing products. 

The other brand we learnt about was Embryolisse. 

French brand Embryolisse are sold in the original MUFE store in France. MUFE know make up, but don't sell their own brand of skincare, so Embryolisse compliment it well. 

The one item from Embryolisse that all the bloggers wanted had to be the Micellar Lotion, which is similar to Bioderma Crealine H20 Micelle Solution. Sadly they were sold out, but it's something all the girls will be ordering once in stock. 

Here's Bec applying the Embryolisse cleanser to the model. 

While I was there I also did some shopping. Because you can't seeing all of these gorgeous products without having to have some! 

I picked up the MUFE Sculpting Brush. This dual brush has one round end and one slanted for contouring. I'm obsessed with blushes and highlighters at the moment and this brush is perfect for that. It comes in the cutest pouch. 

On my wishlist now has to be MUFE's Kabuki brush. It's so soft. 

I also picked up HD Microperfecting Primer in "5" which is a blue based primer. It's perfect for pink and fair skin. I have pink undertones, so it will be interesting to see how this compares to green based primers. 

While it's blue based, it's a whitish creamy colour. So I don't have to worry about looking like an extra from Avatar!

Other things that I want to try soon from MUFE also include the Aqua Cream which is a cream eyeshadow and their Aqua Shadow, which is a jumbo eyeshadow pencil that's so creamy and easy to apply. 

We were very lucky to be given some MUFE products to try at home. 

I got...

The HD Blush. It's incredible. I have the number 6. While it has a high price tag ($45), you only need the smallest bit. The dot of blush at my wrist is about double the amount you need for your cheeks!!! This blush is highly pigmented and will last you a lifetime.

"Uplight" is a gorgeous luminiser/highlighter. I have the shade 11, which is a gorgeous pinky pearl. Even they it's pearly, it's surprisingly subtle. I struggled to get a good photo of it on my phone.

The last product I received was a Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N21. It's a really beautiful pale skin that's so wearable for everyday. I love it and want to get more of their lip products. 

You can see Media Makeup's retail site here

Have you tried Make Up For Ever?

PS The gorgeous Sarah from A Beautiful Story has also done a post on the event. There are some great pictures and info in her post, which you can read about here.

Monnie from Vanilla Silence couldn't stay for the whole afternoon, but she has some great info and pictures on her blog and you should check it out. See here

PPS Sorry for the bad pictures. I took these on my phone when I couldn't use my camera. I'll do a future review post with better pictures/swatches.  

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome day! I love MUFE and have tried one of their aqua creams (which I bought for my sister). I swatched some of MUFE products when I was at IMAT last year and they have really nice texture and seems like they will last long.

  2. This sounds like such a fun day :) I want to try out more from makeup forever!

  3. What a lovely post! Looks like a great and educational event. That sculpting brush looks amazing too! x

  4. What a great post, Amy, it sounds like a fun time was had by all! It's so lovely to catch up with other beauty bloggers and learn new things, isn't it?!

    I have yet to try MUFE but I really want to! That blush looks pretty. :)