Beauty On A Budget: Elf Studio 144 Piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

Tuesday 19 February 2013

If you're on a budget, but need an eye shadow palette, then this is all you'll ever need! This Elf eye shadow palette has 144 amazing colours. It has all of your eye looks covered. Nude, smokey or bright... no matter what look you want to do, this palatte has everything you need. 

And one of the best things about this palette, other than the amazing colours, has to be the price. When you order it from the Australian website, it's only $29.99! 

And you don't have to worry about the quality. ELF are one of those brands that have great quality products at a great budget friendly price!

While I haven't tried their brushes before, so many youTubers rave about their Studio 11 Piece Brush Set. It's an inexpensive set ($49.99 for us Aussies) for anyone that can't afford to spend hundreds on a set or that are just getting into brushes. 

You can buy the eyeshadow palette here and see shipping costs for Australia and NZ here

What's your favourite palette?


  1. What are the texture of the shadows like, hun? I haven't tried any Elf shadows, which is why I ask! I'd love to know if they are pigmented and buttery.

  2. I have the smaller one of these, and it's not too bad! The texture isn't AMAZING but it's definitely good for the money! :)

  3. ELF brushes are amazing! Especially from the studio line, the "powder brush". I have yet to try their eyeshadows!