Priceline Haul!!!

Monday 18 February 2013

It's lucky that I don't live close to a Priceline anymore because this is the damage that's done there...

On Friday I went into the city to do some shopping to decorate my daughters room and ended up with a lot of things for myself!! Opps!

Priceline have some great specials in their catalogue at the moment. There's some GWP, BOGOF and 3 for 2 specials. 

One of the specials on at the moment is from Natio. Natio always have great gifts, no matter what store is hosting them (Priceline, Myer or DJs). If you spend $30 or more you get a cute manicure and make up set. 

It comes in a cute coral case and is perfect for travelling or in your bag for those annoying nail problems that happen while you're out. It has 8 nail tools and 5 make up brushes. 

To get this GWP I purchased...

Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting BB Cream

I tried this on Monday on my hand and it was gorgeous. I had a mossie bite and it actually helped to cover it. I've found a lot of BB creams are just repackaged tinted moisturisers, but this felt different. I can't wait to try it out on my face. I also love that there's a "fair" option, as a lot of BB creams and tinted moisturisers give me an orange mask like finish.

Natio Meditate Hand Cream

While I didn't really need this, I HAD to have it. I adore the smell of Jasmine. It contains aloe, sweet almond and jojoba to moisturise and keep your hands soft. 

Wellness Exfoliating Body Bar

This is a soap and exfoliator in one. I have to admit, I've been really slack with body exfoliation since moving. I'm STILL sorting out my make up and body products and have stopped using an exfoliating glove. I've noticed that my skin doesn't feel as soft since stopping daily exfoliating, so I thought this might be a great quick and easy body exfoliator and cleanser. 

It also has a GORGEOUS scent! 

Over at David Jones, there is also a really gorgeous GWP from Natio that's in a beautiful tin. I want to get some of their new candles, so I've got until March 3rd to pick it up! 

Another GWP that they had was their Haircare Goodie Bag. They did this last year (see here), but I skipped it as I didn't really need anything at the time. When you spend $50 or more on selected brands, you get the goodie bag for free. 

This one includes...

John Frieda "Anytime Volume Refresher" Dry Shampoo (99g)
Sunsilk "Daring Volume Root Lifting Spray" (150ml)
Edward Beale "Ultra Gloss Argan Oil" (100ml)
Pantene "3 Minute Miracle" Treatment (15 ml)
Lee Stafford "Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist" (200ml)
Schwarzkopf "Push Up Volume Lotion" (150ml)
John Frieda "Secret Weapon Finishing Cream" (30ml)
Models Prefer Professional "Anti Static Carbon Stying Comb" 
Batiste Dry Shampoo in "Cherry" (50ml)
Cedel "Dry Condition" (30g)
Scunci "Pin Twirls"
Lady Jayne Hair extentions in "Raging Red"

I love the fact that they included vouchers for the hair colour, so you can choose a colour that you like, instead of being given a random colour.

I was also impressed that most of the products are full size, which gives you a really great indication of how they work, rather than a tiny sample size. 

To get this, I bought...

Lee Stafford "For hair that never grows past a certain length" Hair Growth Treatment

This is my 4th or 5th tub. It's a protein mask that you use after cleansing and before conditioning. It helps to make your hair soft and strong. While it doesn't contain a miracle to make your hair grow, I have seen it make my hair grow that bit quicker (due to being stronger) previously. 

Lee Stafford "Hair Growth" Shampoo

I haven't used this shampoo before, but am curious to see how well it works in conjunction with the mask. Sadly they were out of the conditioner, so I'll have to pick that up another time. 

Lee Stafford "Argan Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment"

I adore argan oil and find it's fantastic for my hair. This mask contains argan oil to keep my hair soft and smooth after all of the damage I do to it. 

Pantene "Intensive Damage Repair Oil"

I haven't tried this before, but bought this purely as a night time leave in treatment. I normally use the same oil both day and night, but was looking for a heavier oil for overnight to moisturise. This is really well priced.

While I was out shopping I also saw that Chemist Warehouse had the new Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation on special for half price! I've heard a lot of British bloggers and youTubers rave about it. While I didn't need it, I couldn't help myself. I mean, they were practically giving it away ;)

So that's my haul of last week. Did you pick up the Priceline haircare bag?


  1. i have that natio blush brush (i think its called), its decent but it sheds on me :/
    priceline do have some great specials
    and woohoo for the match perfection foundation! half price is really like giving it away for aussies :P

  2. The goodie bag looks it's pretty good value and I love that they have hair vouchers rather than picking a color for you!

    I also agree with the above comment, Australia is pretty slack at sales so 50% off is pretty darn good! Haha!

    x Bridget

  3. Twoplicates, ohhh no :( I've never had problems with their brushes. Hahaha you're right about them giving it away. Even thought it's quite inexpensive for a foundation.

    Bridget, the vouchers are great! It's such a shame getting something that you'll never use, especially since it's not exactly cheap.

  4. I love Natio as you probably know :) Guilty confession: I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to my hair! I don't often use much more than shampoo and condtioner, and occasionally a thickening spray :p