Her Fashion "Classic" Box March 2013

Wednesday 13 March 2013

You may have heard from Her Fashion Box through beauty blogs, websites like Beauty Heaven and Primped or on HFB's facebook page. I first heard about them back in December when they sent an email to me letting me know about the box. I was really excited as I love my beauty boxes and this one also contained fashion accessories. 

There were many bloggers that posted about the box before its release but I choose not to. One reason why I didn't post about it previously was because there were no brands announced with the box. I didn't feel confident in saying how great the box will be without at least knowing the brands that will be in HFB. 

Personally I went back and forth on signing up. It sounded fantastic but their T&C's meant that you needed to give 30 days notice before your account was cancelled, which means you would get the first and second box regardless of how much you liked it. While they had a special code for initial sign ups (which gave you the first box for $24.95), you would then be charged full price for the second box ($49.95). I felt uncomfortable at not knowing any of the brands, and being charged $75.

I finally decided to bite the bullet after reading on BH that a girl contacted them straight after signing up and cancelled her account. This means she would only be charged for the first box and only get that box. This made me feel more at ease so I thought I'll just get the first box and then see how I feel from there. 

I used a discount code, which gave me 50% off. Originally the box was $49.95 (they have since changed the price of the box to $39.95). 

I decided to get the "Classic" box as I'm quite simple with my make up and clothes. Here's what was in the box...

I really love the outer packaging. It's a bright pink box to protect the actual box the contents are in. 

The box that the products are in, is a simple black box with the logo on the lid of the box.

I really love these boxes as you can easily reuse them for other uses or recycle them.

In the classic box, I had simple black wrapping paper to keep everything safe in the box. I know that the "Trendy" box had cool leopard print wrapping paper.  

When I opened up the wrapping paper the first thing I saw was a gorgeous mini mag. I'll show you more about that a little bit later.

And what you've been waiting for. Here's the contents of the box...

While there wasn't much make up in the box (which is always my favourite part) I still really loved this box.

The first product is a gold and black necklace. While it's pretty, it's not what I'd call classic. It's quite lightweight for its size. I probably won't wear this often, as my cheeky 2 year old (in 2 days) will pull on it and break it. But it will be a nice necklace for dressing up. I don't really wear jewellery, but am excited to get jewellery in the boxes.

I was really excited to see these Redken "Diamond Oil" samples. I used to use and love Redken products, but haven't used them much lately. It's a 50ml shampoo and a 30ml conditioner and treatment, which will give me enough to use 2-3 times. The range is released in the US in May, but according to the Australian Redken facebook page, it should be in stores this month.

It's perfect for my dry and damaged hair. It not only hydrates, but also strengthens your hair. There is also a oil in the range called "Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense" with sounds amazing. I'm a huge fan of hair (and face) oils and I don't know how I lived without them pre oil life. 

This Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine lip gloss is in a gorgeous red colour. I haven't actually seen these in store before, and I'm really looking forward to trying it out. I think the red suits the "classic" box really well. 

This Moxie set is a good way of trying out the brand. I like the packaging.

The nanna in me was so excited to see this soap. Soap is one of those products in a beauty box that people either love or hate. Personally I love it, especially when it's from a brand like Mor or Glasshouse. The scent that I received is "Lilac and Orchid." It's subtle, but smells really nice. 

I can't wait to try out this soap as I've never used Circa Home before. Circa Home also do candles and room diffusers, so if I like this I'll try out their other products too. 

This concealer brush is probably my favourite out of the box. I love brushes and have never actually heard about this brand (Dean Nixon) before. 

I was really surprised at the quality of this brush and can't wait to use it. I know that the "trendy" box I saw on youTube got the eyeshadow brush and have also seen another blogger with a blending brush. 

I love the pink and black packaging. It looks funky but also still professional. I also love that the brush has it's name ("concealer brush") on the handle as my pet hate has to be brushes with no name on it. It makes it easy for anyone new to brushes, or if you're in a hurry and are looking for a particular brush.

There was also a booklet with the brush that had information about the brushes and what brushes are available.  

The last product is a hair accessory. For being a subscriber to the first box they also included this cute hair tie. I normally use a plain hair tie, so I'm looking forward to blinging out my pony tail with this. 

I really loved the mini mag that came with the box. It's something that is different than all of the other beauty boxes out there. I think it gives a huge leg up on the other boxes when it comes to packaging. 

I love that it shows how you can wear the fashion items. It's a great way of encouraging customers to wear the item, especially if they got something that is so different than what they'd normally wear. 

It's cool to also see what the other boxes got fashion wise. This way if you see that another box has items more your style, then you can change your box. 

Also in the magazine, it showcases the brand. The Dean Nixon page also has a special for members to get 20% off when they purchase brushes online. 

Overall I'm really happy with the box. For $24.95 it's great value. I'm curious to get the 2nd box now. I'm planning on buying a 1 month Gift Subscription so I get the April box, and then see how I go. One thing I've noticed with beauty boxes is the first 2-3 are amazing and then they taper off. Let's hope that they keep up with providing amazing boxes!

I also have to mention that I'm so happy that they have lowered the price. Honestly $50 is quite a lot to spend on one beauty box, and $40 sounds much better. Since the box is nearly 3 times more expensive than LHI or Bellabox, they'll need to knock it out of the park EVERY single month for me to stay subscribed.

The Beaute Buzz has blogged about the feminine box here and Oz Product Junkie has a youTube vid on the trendy box here

See the 3 boxes available from the HFB website here

Did you get this box? Are you signing up for the April box?

PS To make sure you don't miss out on the April box, sign up before the 20th of March.


  1. I got the classic box too but I got a pink lip gloss, not a red one which im happy with as I dont like red and prefer pink! I also got the blending brush.
    Awesome review, and I agree usually these boxes are good to start with then just go downhill so will be interesting to see how they go in April!


  2. This box looks fantastic! I cancelled all my subscriptions to other boxes as I noticed that most of it was just junk I didn't want or need. It's so refreshing to see a box that actually offers products worth having, not just tiny samples!

  3. I got the trendy box and loved it!


  4. I'm in love with my feminine box. Such beautiful items. Got the eyeshadow brush and am so happy with it X

  5. Great review, hun. I got the same things Jess did, and have linked you up in my blog.

    I like the box but I'm just not certain it's worth $40 a month.

  6. I didn't know they were doing fashion box. This is interesting.

  7. I got the trendy box and I love it. I really hope they keep it up, LOVE my necklace and my coral lip gloss, defiantly my style.
    I am just uploading a video on my YouTube channel if you would like to check it out, should be up in about an hour. My username is nikkev19

  8. Thanks everyone for commenting :)

    I love that everyone seems (mostly) happy with the first box. Hopefully we will be getting our second box this week and it will be AMAZING!!! :)