How I Turned A Cleanser I Didn't Like Into One That I Did!

Monday 18 March 2013

Some of my best purchases have been when I had never heard of the brand or product previously. I saw it instore and something made me want it. From first use it, was love!

Then there are other products that I buy because it was the new "best thing ever" according to bloggers, youTubers, TV and magazines. This Dove cleanser was bought because it was voted as an amazing supermarket cleanser in Fox In Flats "2nd Annual Beauty Awards From Aisle 5." 

I tried this twice and really didn't like it. My previous cleanser was a cleansing oil and using a foam make up cleanser felt very drying. I put it at the back of the cupboard and didn't use it for about 8 months. 

I recently brought it out from the cupboard and tried it again. I found it drying, but I didn't want to throw out a full size product. 

Then I got the genius idea of using it to give my face cloths a quick clean. I use my cleansing oil and then use the wash cloth to remove it. I then use a pump or two of the Dove cleanser on the wash cloth to remove the make up, before reusing the wash cloth to do my second cleanse. 

I like that I can get rid of the make up quickly off my wash cloth so I don't have mascara stained cloths. 

While this will only work with a foaming cleanser, I love that I've been able to reuse a product that otherwise I would have thrown out.

Do you find it hard to part with products? Even ones that are terrible for your skin?


  1. Great idea to prevent a product going to waste!

  2. I hate throwing things away that I don't like. All the cleansers I don't like for my skin I use to clean makeup brushes.

  3. Sophie K... Thanks! I hate throwing out products. It's such a waste.

    Sophie... that's such a great way of using up something you don't like.

  4. Great idea! I did the exact same thing. I purchased a Caudalie cleanser which comes in a similar tube as the Dove one and it comes out foamy. I found it too drying for my skin and I use it to clean my face cloth and my clarisonic brush. I didn't want to throw it because it was expensive.