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Sunday 17 March 2013

The other week Priceline had a "buy two get the third free" special on Models Prefer. They have recently launched quite a few new products, and I used the special to get a few of their products.

In their new range they have a new blush and bronzer, eyeshadow sticks, eyeshadow quads, lip liner, lipstick and lipgloss. 

At the top of my list has to be the eyeshadow quads. They have 3 available. One thing that I love about them has to be the simple colour range. I'm a big fan of a simple eye. Partly due to laziness, the fact that I wear glasses so you can't see my eyeshadow and also because I prefer a bright lip over a bright eye.

On the left is "Espresso Yourself" which is my favourite. It's a gorgeous shimmery nude palette. 

I've been wearing this all week and am really impressed with it. I love how they have embossed on each eyeshadow where to place it. While you can mix it around, it's great for anyone new to a smokey eye. 

In the middle is "Hook Me Up" which has gorgeous golds and a pretty purple. The last one is called "Style Icon." This has a light apricot base, with browns and a royal blue.  

These cost $12.99 per palette, which is amazing value for 4 eyeshadow colours. 

These two new blushes are packaged very differently from their core range of blushes. 

"Charisma," which is a peachy pink with a subtle shimmer. 

"Charmed" is a multi toned bronzer. The packaging of this reminds me of Hervana by Benefit. 

It has a mirror inside and also a mini blush brush.

I've used the blush already but not the bronzer. I really love the blush and think that it's a great budget blush. They only cost $12.99. 

I also picked up their ""Desk To Date" blush which is from their core range. I already own the other blush "Beauty Addict," which you can see a review of here. This retails for $9.99. 

Another product from the new range that I was really excited about has to be the "Moisture Lust Lipstick." These lipsticks are a lipstick lipbalm hybrid, similar to the Revlon "Lip Butters" and Maybelline "Color Whisper." 

I really adore these hybrids as they give you some colour without being overkill. The MP lipsticks are SO moisturising! It honestly feels like a lip balm. The colour payoff is great too. You can easily build it up. 

They also contain UVA and UVB filters to protect your lips from the sun and also Vitamin E.  

This is " "Peach Iced Tea" which is a gorgeous peachy colour. They retail for $11.99. They have 8 colours available. I really hope these are successful and they release more colours as I'm in love with them. 

Another new lip product they released is the "Runaway Shine Lipgloss" which retails for only $7.99!! I purchased "Hot Couture" which a a gorgeous shimmery peach. I haven't actually used this yet as I've been a bit obsessed with the lipstick. They have 6 shades available. 

Lastly is the "Infinite Colour Shadow Pencil." This was a late pick. I didn't really care much about it when I first saw it, but then decided to swatch one and fell in love with it.

"Pop The Bubbly" is a gorgeous champagne colour. It's so smooth and is really easy to apply. They only cost $9.99. 

The new range isn't available online, but is available instore. Priceline currently have 20% off MP products until Monday the 25th of March.

So that was my Models Prefer haul. Have you picked up any of these yet?

PS I'll be doing a post on all of these with better pictures and more info about quality and longevity as well as swatches in the next two weeks.  

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  1. I really love Models Prefer, I use their eyebrow pencil religiously and all of their products are pretty amazing. I don't think that my local Priceline has the boxed blush/bronzer but I wish they did, they're so cute!

    xx Bridget

  2. The boxed blusher and bronzer look really good!

  3. I'm keen to branch out a little more into Models Prefer, this post was just the push I needed! The boxed blushes look particularly cute xx

  4. Bridget... I LOVE their eyebrow pencil (the crayon like one). I bought it as a cheap option when I went interstate and forgot to bring my eyebrow pencil. Best decision ever!!!

    Stephanie... I adore the blush. It's not normally a colour i use (I tend to stick to pinks) but I love it.

    Shell... Have you bought anything from them yet?