Trash or Treasure: February Empties 2013

Monday 4 March 2013

In February I really tried to get rid of some of the samples I have. Being signed up to multiple beauty boxes means I have A LOT of samples. 

I'm not going to go through all of them for you, since most of them are one use only samples. And especially when it comes to skincare, one small sample really doesn't show results. 

But there were a few samples that really stood out to me. I loved the Aveeno "Daily Moisturizing Lotion." It made my skin hydrated and felt really nice. The Garnier body lotion made me roll my eyes at the "7 days" hydration on the label. It's nice and hydrating, but seriously!!! 7 days!?!?!? I mentioned in my favourites for the month that I loved the Mirenesse "Endless Youth Magic Beads Botanical Cleanser" and this was the first sample of it I used that made me want to buy the full size!

In the above picture, I really loved nearly all of these products. The first two are the Mirenesse sunscreen. I have quite a lot of these samples and find them great for travelling or to put in my bag for touch ups on sunny days. The next product is the Bioderma "Crealine H20 Crealine solution." It's great for those nights when you're feeling lazy, but still want to take off your make up. I'll probably purchase the full size, but I do prefer a proper wash. 

Next up is the MeMeMe "Seventh Heaven Moisturing Face Base." I like that it helps to prime my skin without the silicone feel of other primers. See my review here. It's something I'll repurchase. 

The Palmolive "Strawberry Smoother Exfoliating Body Wash" is one of those products that I liked but didn't at the same time. I love the creaminess of it and found that it really hydrated my skin, but I wasn't a huge fan of the exfoliating beads. I didn't find that they really exfoliated me and I found they were a bit useless. 

I really love the Pantene Pro-V "Rinse Off Treatment." It works in 3-5 minutes and leaves your hair feeling hydrated, soft and silky. I'm not a big fan of Nivea body lotions. I find them oily as I apply them but after a few hours my skin feels dry again. The "Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser" didn't impress me, and left my skin feeling dry. It also doesn't smell nice at all.

The Swisse "Body Cream" really grew on me the more I used it. I can't place the smell, but I liked it. It also made my skin feel soft and dried quickly. The last product was a floral room spray. It was really nice, but I probably won't get another one, as I prefer candles and room diffusers for scent.  

Here are my "bigger" empties. 

Lee Stafford "Hair Growth Treatment"

I really love this protein hair treatment. It makes my hair stronger (and longer). The smell is really beautiful. It reminds me a bit of Tierry Mugler's "Angel." I've already repurchased a replacement. 

Keratinology by Sunsilk "Advanced Reconstruction Program Hair Spa Mask"

This is probably my 8th or 9th tub. It's really great for dry and damaged hair. It works in only 5 minutes, so it's great for time poor people. It's also only $14, so it's a great intensive hair mask for anyone on a budget. I'm sure you'll see it in my empties in the future!

DermaVeen "Baby Moisturing Cream"

I actually stole this from my daughter when I was having an irritation breakout on my body. My skin became really itchy, and this was fantastic at calming and soothing it. It's really thick and nice. I'll purchase it again if my skin flares up.

Aum Anti Age Organics "Rejuvenating Rose Hip Oil"

This is my holy grail RHO. It's fantastic at hydrating my skin, and is great for healing cuts and dry skin. I adore this and will repurchase it. 

See the review of it here.

First Aid Beauty "Ultra Repair Cream"

This is another fantastic intensive cream for itchy skin. I really love it, but it's a little bit more pricier than I'd like to spend on a basic body cream. I'd probably only repurchase it if it's on special or has a GWP.

Mirenesse "Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara"

This mini came in the very first Mirenesse Glamm box. I love this and it's my Holy Grail Mascara. It makes my lashes thicker, longer and I've never had issues with smudging or dark circles. It also comes off really easily. I LOVE it, and will repurchase it always and forever.

Kerastase "Elixir Ultimae" Hair Oil

Another amazing HG I've finished up this month. I love how soft my hair feels after applying it. It helps hydrate my hair without making it feel oily. I'll probably end up repurchasing it very soon, but will try one or two other oils first. 

See my review of it here

Mirenesse "Endless Youth Pearly Bubble & Glow 5 Botanicals Astringent Pore Cleanser"

I really loved using this cleanser. It smells amazing, it feels really nice and it gave my skin a nice glow. I also love their other cleansers. I probably won't repurchase it soon, as I have quite a lot of cleansers I need to use before buying anymore. But if I didn't have cleansers already I would repurchase it straight away. 

Swisspers "Organic Cotton Make Up Pads"

Make up pads are an essential beauty product for me as I use them to get rid of my eye make up and also use them to apply some toners. Honestly, I normally just get whatever is the cheapest and don't really have a brand I always use. I'll repurchase more make up pads, but I'm not sure if it will be these or another brand.

I also threw out this body shimmer that came in one of my beauty boxes a while ago. I hadn't used it, and knew that I wouldn't, so I just threw it out. 

So it hasn't been a very exciting empties, but I've been really happy to get rid of a LOT of samples. Are you also overrun by samples?


  1. Great rundown of your empties. You really should try the Garnier 7 day moisturiser - it is one of my favourites. I wouldn't have bought it but was given it to trial from Beauty Heaven and it really is very good.

    I also love the Bioderma and use it to remove my eye makeup and occasionally to remove my foundation etc. The Kerastase is great but I have been using the LÓreal Extraordinary oil and actually prefer it. It is half the price!

  2. Holy moly that's a lot of empties! Ha ha. But I know how good it feels to finish everything up x

  3. I adore the Aveeno moisturiser! It's so good for daily care of the skin.

  4. Kate - Ohhh I was thinking about getting the L'Oreal oil as I've heard they are basically the same product, just one is cheaper. Now you've sold me on it!!! :)

    Chelsea - hahahaha, yep there was a lot. It was nice to get rid of some, but I still have a truck load to go when it comes to my samples.

    Samuel - I'm thinking of getting it next time it's on special. I really liked it.

  5. That's a LOT!
    Following on bloglovin now!

  6. I know Jacq!!! Look out for the March empties... there's more! Thanks for following ;)