First Impressions: Maybelline "Vibrant Mandarin" (914) and "Shocking Coral"(910) Review

Saturday 13 April 2013

The other day I went into Chemist Warehouse and saw that they had the new Vivids range from Maybelline on special for $7.99, which is roughly half price as they retail for $16.95 here in Australia. 

The first colour I have to show you is "Vibrant Mandarin" which is number 914.

I love how Maybelline have their packaging a similar colour to the lipstick, so it's easy to find in your handbag or draw. 

The silver looks fantastic against the bright colour of the lipstick! 

What you notice when you apply it onto your lips, is that it's really hydrating. Secondly I found the colour to be more of a strawberry orange, rather than a classic mandarin orange colour. 

The second colour I have for you is "Shocking Coral" which is number 910.

Again with this colour, the name is slightly off. When I applied this onto my lips, it's more of a Barbie pink than a peachy coral colour.

In some lights (like my bathroom lights) it looked slightly neon. 

I love the colours and the formula. Even though it's a bright lipstick, it doesn't lose its colour quickly. I can wear it for about 4-5 hours before needing to reapply. Unlike some lipsticks, I don't feel like I need to apply a balm or gloss either, as the formula is moisturising. 

The consistency is also really nice and soft, smooth and hydrating. Because both of them are a bight colour, make sure you exfoliate your lips first or dry patches are really noticeable. 

Have you purchased any of the Vivids range? 

PS If you are looking for a less show stopping colour, then see my review on the Models Prefer "Moisture Lust Lipsticks" here. They are still long lasting and moisturising but have a sheerer pigmentation. 

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  1. Great review. Im yet to see these in the stores, but I love how the packaging is similar colour to the lipstick as Im always struggling finding the colour I want in my handbag and makeup drawer!

  2. Great review, love! I have three of these, coral, rose and plum, and I'm so in love with these!

    Planning on reviewing them soon (once I get some decent daylight to take photos).