Holy Grail Alert! Luminesce "Cellular Rejuvenation Serum" Review

Wednesday 3 April 2013

There's always two items that I don't mind spending more money on. Make up brushes and serums. Make up brushes can turn any make up into artwork, and serums can completely transform your skin. 

If you want to splash out, a serum is at the top of the list on where your money should be spent. Cleansers wash down the drain, and moisturisers are the last skincare product that you apply so they don't perform as highly as if you used it straight after cleansing. 

A serum is a highly concentrated product that can target skin issues. For me, I always look at serums that help with skintone and pigmentation. I suffer from pigmentation mostly on my cheeks and an uneven skintone because of it. 

The latest serum that I've been using is the "Cellular Rejuvenation Serum" by Luminesce. If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know I already love this serum! This serum has made such a difference to my skin, that I've started to feel more confident even without make up. I've been using it for over a month now.  

I've always used concealer to help mask my pigmentation, but for the last 2 weeks I've only reached for a concealer to hide my undereye bags. Not once in 2 weeks have I needed to use extra cover over my cheeks. My pigmentation hasn't completely gone, but it's so much lighter and my skintone is much more even all over my face.

I use this both morning and night. I ALWAYS make sure I take my make up off so the serum can sink into the skin and work its magic. 

This serum is great for anyone that's worried about aging. As we age, our cell turnover starts to decrease and we need extra help. Exfoliating is a great way of stimulating cell grow. This serum is also a gentler way of encouraging cell grow. Without getting too technical, this serum helps to encourages your skin to replace your dead or damaged cells with healthy, new ones. 

What your left with is plumped up skin through moisturising. Your skin looks and feels firmer. The skin will feel softer. It helps with fine lines. And my favourite... it leaves you with luminous skin. And who doesn't want JLo looking skin naturally. 

I love the packaging, and think it makes it look expensive and futuristic. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that you can't tell how much is left in the bottle.

You can purchase this from Jeunesse Global online. It cost $148.45 for 15mls, but I honestly think that it's worth that and more. The results I've seen are worth the price tag. I'll be replacing it once I've finished this bottle!! 

They also have a cleanser in the range, which I'm dying to try. It's called the "Youth Restoring Cleanser." The stress of moving late last year and having my husband travel so much for work over the last 4 months has made me age overnight!! So any skincare that will help to restore a youthful glow is on my wishlist!

What serum do you love for a luminous glow?

I was kindly sent this for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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