Mirenesse "Flawless Revolution 3-in-1 Skin Corrector" Primer Review

Wednesday 10 April 2013

This week will all be about make up on the blog, and what better product to start the week with than with a primer. 

Primers have become an essential step for a lot of us beauties. Previously I thought that primers were just a marketing tool and a way for companies to make more money. Then I tried the Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Primer, and it was life changing! 

Since then, I've never been without a primer.. or five.  

Mirenesse have a lot of great products, and they have 2 amazing primers that I love. For summer, or when my skin is feeling oily, I love their Invisible Fill Makeup Airbrush Line Filling Mattifier. It keeps my skin free from looking oily or greasy, without giving my skin a dry feeling.

Lately I've been loving their "Flawless Revolution 3-in-1 Skin Corrector." This takes primers to the next level due to the fact that it contains 3 colours. 

The different colours will help correct redness, brighten the skin and also help with dullness. Sometimes with colour correctors, especially with green, they can end up making you look worse. If you apply too much or don't apply it correctly, then the colour corrector will be obvious and look odd. 

Because this is a cream colour corrector, it sinks into the skin, and becomes invisible. It does help to brighten and correct redness, but it seamlessly and flawlessly does it because it's not too heavy or in stick form. 

I really love this primer, as it helps to perfect my skin quickly. Instead of applying 5 different products, I can use this instead. It helps to conceal my pigmentation (redness on my cheeks), brighten my skin after a sleepless night and makes my make up stay flawless all day.

I sometimes also like to use this to conceal my redness, and apply a mineral powder foundation for days when I want light coverage.

The packaging is really luxe. I also love that you can see how much is left of it. 

I have used a similar product from Almay, called "Smart Shade Primer" (which you can read about here). I've found that the Mirenesse one outperforms it in a few ways. I find that the Mirenesse primer makes my make up last from day to night (which the Almay one didn't) and also conceals my redness better. 

It's pricier than most primers ($69.50 or $55.60 for VIPs), but I think it's worth it because it means that I don't have to purchase an additional redness cover up and it also makes my morning make up application quicker, since it's a multi-purpose product. 

Mirenesse regularly have this on sale, or in bundles which make it much cheaper to buy. I ended up buying it on special in a pack, and I'm so glad that I did. It's become my favourite primer. It has a really nice moisturising effect and it will be on my face all winter long. 

You can read more about their different primers here.

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  1. I've got this one from a pack I've bought a while ago, haven't used it though, find it really hard to blend it evenly, wasted almost 1/4 of it in trials and gave up... Is there a special way to apply it?

  2. This does look quite interesting, but I have never bought any products from Mirenesse, although I have heard a lot of people love them. I do wish that they didnt always have specials prices on their products as I feel it reduces the value of the brand, why not just reduce the prices to begin with!

  3. I bought and reviewed this a while ago and gave up on it as I couldn't blend it properly for the life of me and kept getting snake looking skin. My foundation would then always go clumpy over the top and everything was just one big mess. I've seen this is a huge problem with a lot of other people so I'd love to know how on earth you manage to get it to blend into your skin so well?

  4. Skin problems are pretty common and so Every girl seems to be in search of some efficient care products that can reduce their problem and provide for improvement. This one seems to perfectly suit them.

  5. Nina... ohh no :( I apply it almost like a moisturiser, where I heat it up into my hands first then spend 30-60 seconds to rub it into the skin. I've never had issues with blending. Maybe they have changed the formula??

    B&L Hunter... Ahhh I've heard a few people say that about the price. I have to admit, I love the daily emails on the specials.

    Michelle... Ohh that's no good to hear. I apply it almost like a moisturiser, where I heat it up into my hands first then spend 30-60 seconds to rub it into the skin. I've never had issues with blending. I'm not sure if heating it up in my hands makes it easier to apply??