MooGoo "Oil Cleansing Method" Review: Combination Skin

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Cleansing oils were huge a few years ago. It seemed like every beauty website or blog couldn't go a week without mentioning how amazing they were. 

And they're right!! Cleansing oils are fantastic! (But just not for everyone!) 

They help to remove make up and dirt from the face.  Essentially you apply the cleansing oil onto your dry skin and massage it in to remove make up, then wash off with a cloth. Most people then apply their usual cleanser to make sure their face is clean and ready for a serum and moisturiser. If you wear make up, a cleansing oil followed by a cleanser will remove all traces of make up. If you don't have make up on, then you don't always need to do a double cleanse. 

I go through phases with using cleansing oils. Sometimes I love using micellar waters, like Bioderma, and other times I love to use cleansing oils. At the moment my love affair with cleansing oils are alive and kicking with one from Moogoo.

Moogoo is an Australian company that started off because they wanted to create something for a family member that had sensitive skin. The brand has taken off and includes many different types of products that are natural, simple but effective in treating skincare and skincare issues. 

So about the product...

Firstly I love that they have multiple oils for different skin types. Because when it comes to our skin, one size doesn't fit all. I bought the combination skin version, but there is also a normal, dry and oily version. 

The packaging is really cool. It comes with a pump which makes it really easy to use. It also has the ingredients listed, and I LOVE that I can understand EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT! This makes me so happy as I know EXACTLY what I'm putting onto (and potentially be putting into) my skin. 

Now one reason why some people are put off by the OCM (oil cleansing method) is that some people find their skin "purges." While I did notice I broke out, it was only 3 pimples, so don't let that put you off trying out an OCM cleanser. 

I think the only downside has to be the fact that it's not easy for everyone to buy instore. But you can purchase it from their online store for $24.90 here

I'll be repurchasing this again as it's fantastic! 

Do you prefer to use more natural products, or don't you mind about the ingredients? 

PS Just remember to use a warm cloth, NOT hot. Using a hot cloth can cause broken capillaries and red skin. The same thing goes with hot water spraying into your face from the shower head. 

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  1. I'm not overly fussed about using natural products, but I do like short ingredients lists. I find the more ingredients, the more potential for irritation. Soooo I seem to be using more and more natural products these days because they tend to be shorter on the ingredients lists. I've been eyeing off the moogoo cleansing oils for a while and will give it a shot after I finish my cleansing balm.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. So since I hit puberty, I've always had numerous tiny pimples on my forehead - and its because I also have combination skin! They'd come and go in different areas, but I've always had them there. Nothing else besides Citrus Clear has EVER cleared my skin. I am 100% pimple free. I suppose all of those acne treatments i used previously were irritating my skin further.
    I only use one pump, when I take showers. Furthermore, if I forget to wash my face that day, (I generally only wash my face once a day now) then I STILL don't usually break out, and I wear face makeup as well!