Want A Gentle Way To Exfoliate...Try Natio's "Renew Radiance Exfoliator" (Review)

Friday 5 April 2013

When you think of exfoliating, it normally brings up images of rough granules that leave your skin red and feeling sensitive. 

But I have a wonderful product that is none of that. It will exfoliate your skin in a gentle and soft way.

The Natio "Renew Radiance Exfoliator" is unlike any exfoliator I've used before. Even the most gentle exfoliator I've ever tried has always had some type of granules in it. This exfoliator doesn't. It looks like a creamy gel.

I actually thought that when I first used it, that it was a faulty tube because there wasn't one granule!! But then I read the tube and it said it was a "non-abrasive gel" and it made sense. 

It contains AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) from citric acid. Citric acid might sound scary, but it's just from citrus fruits like lemon and orange. They help to get rid of dead skin cells without being too harsh.

I adore using this when my skin is hormonal or sensitive. I also do a microdermabrasion treatment (at home) once a week and prefer to use a gentle exfoliator later in the week when I feel like my skin is clogging up. Because the microdermabrasion leaves my skin so soft, I don't feel like I really need another rough exfoliator later in the week. 

Do you prefer a rougher exfoliator? Or do you like a feather like feeling?

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  1. Thanks for the review! I detest exfoliators with granules. They are so scratchy!

  2. Ty, this one isn't scratchy AT ALL!!! It's great :)