Fist Impressions: Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick in "Designer Blossom"

Monday 20 May 2013

I'm not sure why I don't really own any Max Factor products, but I feel like it's a "mum" brand. The reason is because I used to steal my mums "2000 Calorie Mascara" when I was in high school and was starting to use mascara. Before that I used to use a clear mascara. 

The new Max Factor "Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick" was something I hadn't really heard too much about before buying. I had seen one in a bloggers haul and without knowing anything about it (other than what the packaging looked like), I knew I had to have them.

Firstly the price is AMAZING!!! At only $9.95 each (and no I didn't do a typo!), these lip crayons are so afforable and yet so luxy.

The packaging is really simple and sophisticated. They look much more expensive than their $10 price tag.

Because I wasn't sure what the formula or quality was like, I bought 2 colours from Priceline, "Passionately Red" and "Designer Blossom."

"Designer Blossom" is my favourite out of the two colours. It's such a wearable colour. It's not too pink, not too red. In some lights it picks up more of a pink, and in other lights it seems more red.  

The formula is the best of both worlds of lipstick and gloss. It has the look of a lipstick, the feel of a lip balm, but the finish is glossy without being goopy, sticky or tacky.

The pigmentation is quite intense and you only need two or three layers for a bold lip. 

For such an easy to apply product, it lasts for about 5-6 hours before losing pigmentation. The only product I apply is a clear lip liner (my holy grail lip liner from Models Prefer) to prevent it from moving outside my lip lines. 

The packaging is really simple and nice. It's thinner than the other lip crayons (from Models Prefer, Revlon or Clinique) but is really easy to hold and angle to line contours of your lips. 

I love that you have 3 years to use this after opening. There's nothing more frustrating than when a lip product has a short life, especially if you are a beauty addict! 

The only con from this, is that you need a pencil sharpener when the colour becomes blunt, and it's not the type of beauty accessory that you always have on you, especially if you're out. But other than that, this has jumped onto my holy grail lip list!!!

There are 6 colours available, but I'm hoping they will include more in the future. 

I feel like this product will really make more people take notice of the brand. 

I really want to try out their "Miracle Touch Creamy Blush" now, as I saw it mentioned in a Lisa Eldridge youTube video.

Is this now on your wishlist? 

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  1. I love Max factor but most products are pretty expensive I'm so glad to see these are affordable :)
    I nearly bought these but I was good and put them back cuz I wanted like 4 colours lol


  2. I nearly bought these but decided against it in the end. They are really bright though! Perfect for a bold lip and very affordable.

  3. I've seen these a few times now and have almost bought one every time! I agree with the whole "Max Factor is a mum brand" haha! I don't ever seem to see younger girls buying them, always the more mature ladies (which isn't necessarily a bad thing when you think about it!) It's just a brand I never really look twice at!
    I think I might have to pick at least one up, as they look great on your lips! :)

  4. Oh! I always thought MaxFactor was an expensive brand but this is absolutely affordable. And the colour looks great! I might grab some neutrals if they have any.

    x Court

  5. These are 2 for 10 in Pricelines latest catalogue! Bargain!

  6. Gee this looks really good on, I tend to not notice the Max Factor displays (probably for the same reason as you lol! ;)) so I'm adding this to my "things to check out" when next near a Priceline! :)

  7. Great review! I'm a big Max Factor fan! I tried out the Max Factor Max Effect Lip Gloss about a month ago and I am so happy with the results! Have you tried it? You can check out my review below