Kiss Goodbye To MS: World MS Day And How Lipstick Shows You Care

Sunday 26 May 2013

On the 29th of May, it's World MS Day. The day raises awareness of Multiple Sclerosis all around the world. 

MS is one of the most common neurological disorders that effects more than 2 million people from around the world. Twice as many women are diagnosed than men and it usually occurs around the ages of 25-31. Scarily, there is no cure for MS and we still haven't found what causes the disease. 

Here in Australia, for MS Day there's "Kiss Goodbye To MS." We're encouraged to wear red lipstick (even guys!) or wear red to show your support for MS suffers. 

For a lot of girls, red lipstick can be scary. So I'll be reviewing lots of red lipsticks, and including lipglosses for those that find red lipstick overwhelming. Hopefully the lipsticks will inspire you to wear red and show your support for the more than 2 million people that suffer with MS all over the world. 

I'll also be having Tips Of The Day that link in with the red lipstick theme. I'll explain what reds look good with what skin types, and also have info on how to keep your red pout looking perfect from day to night.

Find out more about Kiss Goodbye To MS here, and you can donate here

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