L'Occitane "Angelica" Eye Roll On, Hydration Cream and Sublime Essence Review

Sunday 23 June 2013

I've adored L'Occitane for the last 4 years. Even though I always incorrectly pronounce the brand, their products are to die for. They mix science and nature together to create truly beautiful products. 

One of my favourite parts about L'Occitane is their customer service. Their Broadway store in NSW had the most wonderful and helpful staff. They really took the time to find out about your skin, your skin concerns and what products you like to use.

I love their Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam (and so does my hubby, who used to sneakily use it) as well as their Immortelle Precious Essential Face Water, which is so calming on the skin, especially on sunburnt skin in summer. 

Their new "Angelica" range is truly beautiful. I was lucky enough to be sent their serum, eye gel and moisturiser to trial. For nearly the last month I've adored using each product.

After cleansing and toning (I like to apply a mist toner and pat into the skin) I first turn the eye gel upside down and sit it on my bathroom counter. I do this to let the gel move down to the applicator. While it's doing that, I apply the soon to be released Angelica Iris Sublime Essence serum to my skin (which is still slightly damp from the toner) and pat it into the skin. I like to use 4-5 pumps of the serum, so I have enough to cover not only my face and neck, but also my chest. Any of the remainder I also put on the backs of my hands. 

Not only is it a beautiful serum that makes your skin glow, it smells AMAZING. Every time I use it, it takes my breath away. It smells like a thousand fresh flowers are in your bathroom. Because it's so beautiful, I NEVER forget to apply it onto my skin (no matter how exhausted I am). I use it both morning and night. While my skin has broken out with yukky congestion over the last 5-6 weeks due to going off the pill, the skin that isn't congested looks glowing and healthy. 

For me, the serum is the hero product of the range. I want to bathe in it!! The serum contains both white iris and blue iris which makes it a double threat when it comes to perfecting the skin and hydrating it. It's not a cream, but not exactly a gel. It feels almost like a light velvety primer, that disappears into the skin. It helps to smooth your skin and give your skin texture a soft and even feel. It also helps with redness, which is a huge concern for me.  It also hydrates the skin, which my skin needs especially as it's winter here in Australia. 

I'll be purchasing the serum as soon as I start getting low. It's absolutely incredible and really is a pleasure to use. 

The serum isn't currently on the Australian L'Occitane website as it's launch date is August 14th 2013, so here's a link to the US site with information about it. 

The Angelica Eye Roll On is a cooling eye gel, that has a metal roller ball, which makes application a breeze. Also because of the metal roller ball, it has a cooling effect, which is fantastic for those mornings when your eyes are puffy or you have dark circles. I roll the gel onto my eye area and then gently and softly pat it into my skin, not dragging or rubbing it around the eye area. 

It instantly helps to cool any puffy eyes and wakes up the skin. It's also fantastic for wrinkles and fine lines. I sometimes even use it in between my eyebrows and around my lips to help stop aging in those areas. I don't do it religiously, just when I remember to! 

I really love the packaging with the metal roller ball. Not only does it make it easy to roll onto the sensitive and fragile skin, you really feel the metal ball work its magic. 

The eye cream lasts for 6 months after opening it, so make sure when you use this, you use only this, so you don't waste any of it. It costs $29.00, so it's an affordable eye cream. 

And finally I apply the Angelica Hydration Cream. Most of the time I use this as a night cream. Mostly because my current moisturiser is also an SPF30, so I don't need to apply both creams. 

It's a hydrating cream that doesn't feel heavy or greasy. One thing that I was always surprised at when using the cream was the fact that it felt thicker when I removed a small amount from the tub, but when I applied it onto my skin it felt soft and sank into the skin so effortlessly. 

Because it's winter, I love to use 2 drops of an oil (like Jojoba, rosehip or avacado) into the moisturiser and apply it onto the skin. The moisturiser is great by itself, but because I already was using a serum I didn't want to also add an extra step by applying the oil, so adding it into the moisturiser was a great way of getting extra benefits. The moisturiser is $52, and because a little bit goes a long way, it will last for months. 

I adore the cardboard packaging too. It's cute while still being sophisticated. 

Overall I've loved the products and have been impressed with them all month long. It made me fall in love with the brand all over again, and now I have to try out the Angelica Cleansing Gel and Face Toner

If you've never tried L'Occitane products before, their gift sets are a great starting point. You can try out a range, and see for yourself the amazing results they offer. There's a Angelica pack that includes their cleanser (50gms), toner (100gms) and moisturiser (15mls) for only $45, which you can see here.

If you can't make it into a store, you can take their online questionnaire (hereto find out what range is best suited to your skin.

Have you ever tried L'Occitane products before? What's your favourite?

I was kindly sent these 3 products for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. The Angelica range sounds fantastic. I love when a product like the serum makes me excited like that and I can't wait to put it on at night. The eye roll on sounds great too!


  2. I have been using this trio as well and while I didn't love the eye roll on, I really enjoyed using the serum :) Great review!