First Impressions: Bourjois "Colour Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick" (Lip Crayon) Review

Saturday 3 August 2013

Since seeing all the new amazing Bourjois products on UK youTube and beauty blogs, I've been anxiously waiting for their arrival in Australia. The product that I was most excited about was the Colour Boost Lip Crayons, which is called Colour Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick here in Australia

Lip Crayons are great, as they're like a lip balm and lipstick hybrid. You get great colour pay off, without having to compromise with dry lips. So many brands are releasing their own version of lip crayons, and it's always exciting to see how different they are. Some are glossier, others are tints and then there are the show stopping bright colour crayons. 

After stalking the aisles of Priceline for the last couple of weeks I finally got my hands on one of them. There are currently four colours, but hopefully there will be more colours to come!  

I picked up "Orange Punch" (03), which is more coral or peach than orange.  

The texture is really soft and smooth, and one of the great things about lip crayons, is the fact that they feel like lip balms. It's a beautiful glossy finish that still is quite pigmented. 

It's really easy to build up the colour. As you can see in the photo, the top swatch is a light application, while the bottom swatch is more of a heavy swatch. I found when I applied it heavier, the orange undertones were more obvious.

The silver part at the bottom of the crayon is twistable and you can move the crayon tip up or down. 

This lip crayon is waterproof and even has SPF15. It claims to give comfort and hydration for 10 hours. I didn't give it a chance to see if it stood up to the 10 hour claim, as I'm a serial re-applier. 

Here in Australia they're only $15 each. They're so affordable and wearable. 

See swatches of all 4 colours here. I want to get Red Sunrise next which is a beautiful raspberry colour. 

Are you a fan of lip crayons? Which brand do you think does the best lip crayon?

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  1. I got Peach on the Beach. It is seriously lovely.

  2. $15 is so good considering their $14 on ASOS! I still haven't seen them in store yet but I'll be picking up a few for sure :)


  3. Like Sarah said, I'm pretty impressed that they're basically the same price in store as they are on ASOS! My local Priceline doesnt have them yet either but I first heard about these form the UK beauty bloggers who have the shade 'Peach on the Beach'. I'm thinking about getting that colour along with Red Sunrise. I lvoe that they have a twisty bottom as well so theres not need to destroy them in a sharpener!

  4. I really like the colour of this one! It's so pretty! I haven't read any reviews on these previously (or if I have, I've forgotten because obviously I wasn't that impressed haha) but reading yours, they sound great! I was probably expecting a $30+ pricetag so I didn't bother, but definitely affordable! xx

  5. I saw this at Priceline the other day. The 4 available shades are gorgeous. I seriously did not know that they were $15! That's so affordable, I was expecting higher. Must pick these up.

  6. was so shocked at their price at priceline! am really eyeing them up, they look gorgeous..!

  7. Queen Kelly Bean... I'm so glad you like it too!!

    Sarah & T&TV... I'm shocked at how inexpensive they are! I was expecting them to be about $20-$25 each.

    Jasmine... I love that they are so affordable! Especially compared to other lip crayons. It's just a shame there aren't more colours!

    Nhi... Get them soon, I have a feeling they'll sell quickly, especially for the price!

    Mai-anne... Pick at least one up and try it out for yourself :)