Her Fashion Box "Classic Box" August 2013

Tuesday 20 August 2013

I haven't been blogging about the Australian beauty boxes that I'm subscribed to lately because since I've moved from Sydney to Adelaide I'm one of the last to get them. A lot of time and effort goes into posting, and it sometimes doesn't feel worth it if people won't read it because they've already seen 437 posts about it. 

But even though I've seen a lot of bloggers post about the newest Her Fashion Box (mostly the feminine box), I have been really loving each box and wanted to share this months box. 

One of the good things about HFB is that it's slightly more tailored to your style. There's "classic," "feminine" and "trendy" variants. While all of the beauty products are the same, it's the fashion element to the box that is different depending on your box choice.

This month was about "Animal Instinct" and all 3 scarves reflected this. In the classic box, I had a scarf that had a tigers face on it. It has really earthy tones and can be manipulated into different shapes and ways so you can make certain colours more obvious.

The feminine box had a python print and the trendy box had a mixture of a leopard print and a nautical design.  

I'm a HUGE fan of the scarves being in the box. I could have a scarf in every single box and never be disappointed. 

I would love for there to be a way of purchasing the fashion products from the other boxes. I wish that HFB had a section on their website where you could purchase the other accessories. I ADORE the phython scarf and would love to be able to buy it.

The belt that I received is black with gold detailing. I love that it's a stretchy material. Since there's nowhere that we've indicated our size, the stretchy belt makes it suitable for a whole range of body shapes and sizes.  

The feminine box had a tan belt with gold detailing, while the trendy box had a grey belt with chain detailing. 

As for the beauty products, I love that it's all the same products. No box envy is needed since we all get the same. 

This month had an AMAZING mixture of beauty items.

Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils $9.99 and Brow Defying Kit $24.99

There were 2 Ardell products in this months box. One was a brow stencil as well as the Brow Defying Kit. I love that both of these products can be used together or by themselves, as well as with products you already own. 

The brow kit is fantastic. It contains 3 brow colours which you can use to custom blend a colour to suit your skintone as well as a highlighter. It comes with a grooming pencil and a brush to apply the colour to your brows.

L'Oreal Mythic Oil Travel Size (45ml)

I'm so excited to have the L'Oreal Mythic Oil in this months box. I've been meaning to buy this for quite a while as I've heard great things about it. I can't live without a oil (for either my hair, face or skin) and this is a great new addition to my hair product collection.  

I couldn't find a price for this. The full size (125ml) costs $38.00, so lets say the travel size is about $14. 

MeMeMe Beat The Blues Illuminator $18.95 (12ml, full size)

I really like MeMeMe products and was excited to see the Beat The Blues Illuminator in the box. I actually already own this, but a girl can never have too many illuminators :)

Press & Go Press On Manicure $14.95

I received a hot pink set, and while they sound great I most likely won't use them. They're supposed to be easy to apply, last up to a week and have no drying time. 

Because I'm quite rough with my hands (being a SAHM means lots of dishes and cleaning) I don't think that these will really last all that long. I'm sure my daughter will try and rip them off too!! 

Eyelash curler (no brand or price)

And finally there's also a eyelash curler in this months box as a bonus. An eyelash curler is a fantastic inclusion. I haven't seen one in any other beauty box here in Australia. It's silver and pink and is completely adorable.

As you can see there's so much value in the box. And honestly, there needs to be! At $39.95 for the box, they wouldn't be able to survive for long if the box didn't hold enough value. The beauty products (excluding the eyelash curler) are already over $80 and then you also have the scarf and the belt.

One thing that I love about HFB is that they are so generous with the beauty products. They mostly have full size products and any samples are deluxe ones. Unlike other beauty boxes, they give you samples that you can use that last for days or even a week or two!

Another stand out thing that HF does is their magazine. While other beauty boxes have a card with a sentence or two about the product, HFB have a magazine.

Because they have fashion accessories, they show you how to use them yourself. What to wear them with and ways to wear them. They also include why the product was chosen (eg it's a huge trend on the runways in Paris). 

Each box I've received is getting better and better. I really feel like HFB take members comments and criticism head on and use it to better their boxes. Other beauty boxes seem to have the same response to each customers comments and complaints. They just say something along the lines of "Sorry you're disappointed, we'll pass it on to someone else," and the concerns don't seem to be taken seriously (for example sample allocation, the value of the box and profiles not relating to the box they received). HFB don't have issues like that because the majority of the box is the same, and the fashion accessories are like for like no matter your profile (everyone gets a scarf, just a different design). 

I can't wait to get the September box as they've said it's their best one yet. It's my birthday next month and I'm thinking about getting a 3 month subscription to HFB, since I've loved every single box.

Do you still want to see a HFB post on the blog, even though it's a little bit later than everyone else? Or would you just like to see a picture on my Facebook page with a description of what's in the box?

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  1. I also love that all the boxes are the same, aside from a few of the designs of scarves etc! I totally agree that they are doing such a good job in making their boxes really likeable! If I unsubbed to everything else and just kept this, I'd be happy! I love the scarf you got, it's gorgeous! I also agree they need an online store for their accessories haha! I want the other scarves too!

  2. Even though I am subscribed to HFB, and I'm absolutely loving them, I am still interested in seeing the other styles and also what you thought of it too. So I would definitely still ready about it :-)

  3. I really liked this months box, I just thought it had such a great mix of accessories and beauty items. The scarf was also divine. I too got the classic one and thought it was a great HFB month:) x

  4. Jasmine- I'm the same. I feel like this is THE best box out of all the Australian ones available.

    Tanya- I'll most likely keep blogging about it :)

    Ingrid- It was an amazing box. I really don't know how they will top it for September!