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Wednesday 28 August 2013

When the lovely Sophie from Born to Buy tagged me in the The Skincare Tag and I couldn't wait to do it. It's a really interesting tag, especially for a beauty blogger.

I know for me, I'm very lucky to be sent items to review, and have been sent some skincare that I would of normally not have tried or even heard about. Some of my most loved products were actually reviewed by other beauty bloggers and made me want to buy it. I love knowing what people are using, as you always find a new product or two to put on your wishlist. 

Now that I've rambled, lets get on with the tag ;) I've also included some pictures of my favourite skincare products. 

                           MooGoo Cleansing Oil                     

Describe your skincare routine in 5 words.

Forever evolving. Always important. Complex.

What's your skin type?

My skin has been normal to combination for a LONG time. Recently it's been more on the normal side, but dehydrated. I'm not sure if it's because it's winter here, or if it's old age. 

What's your favourite skincare product?

I can't just pick one!!! 

But I would say one of my favourite types of skincare products has to be oils. I'm obsessed with them. It doesn't matter what type of oil it is (argan or rosehip) or how I use it (as a cleansing oil or as a serum), I use multiple ones daily. 

Top blemish zapper?

An oldie but a goodie has to be good old witch hazel. Also tea tree oil is amazing. I always think it's better to be gentle to blemishes. I've previously (when I was a teen) used harsh and strong zit zappers and I feel like they did more harm than good. It dried them out quickly, but it also irritated the skin and I don't think they healed as nicely as when I've used a more gentle formula.

Sanctuary Spa Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

Face Wipes. Yay or nay?

I think it's better to use one than go to sleep in your make up. With that being said, I try to only use one (or a micellar water) sometimes. I don't feel like they truly clean my skin 100%, so I only like to use it when I'm too tired to wash my face. 

Toner. Yay or nay?

Yay all the way! My beauty routine started in the 90s when it was ALWAYS cleanse-tone-moisturise. So I'm always surprised when I see beauty bloggers skipping toner. It's a way of (beauty) life for me!

Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum*

High end skincare or high end make up?

Without a doubt skincare. There's so many amazing dupes for high end make up, but it's much harder to do a dupe for high end skincare. I can enter a Priceline store and pick up great make up from brands like Bourjois, Rimmel, Models Prefer and more, but good skincare is a lot more trickier to pick up on a budget. 

Also skincare is what you apply to your skin first, not make up, so I want the best products to be on my skin first. While it's nice to have added extras in your foundation or primer, because it's layered onto 5 skincare layers, it doesn't really do a lot. 

Olay Advanced Cleansing System*

What's the most unusual skincare product you've tried? 

I haven't tried anything unusual, but anything that has snail slime, bird poo or whale sperm scares me!!! 

You're in a French pharmacy and can only pick one item. What is it? 

Since it's getting much easy to buy French brands online (from Adore Beauty) and instore (like Priceline and Terry White), I would probably pick something I haven't heard of before. I think picking a fragrance would be nice too. Every time you would use it, it would remind you of your holiday.

Lancome UV Expert BB Complete*

Tell us your top skincare tip.

Without a doubt it has to be protect your skin from the sun!! As a teen, being bronzed meant being beautiful. My skin is pale and burns easily. Now I have some skin damage (mostly obvious on my chest) because I didn't look after my skin when I was younger. While wearing and hat sunscreen isn't cool when your a teen, you'll be thankful in your 30's and older that you used sunscreen.

So that's the skincare tag!! 

I won't specifically tag anyone, but instead tag anyone that wants to do the tag on their blog.

What's more important to you... Skincare or make up?

PS If you've done this tag, leave a comment with a link :) 

*I was kindly sent the item in the photo for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. Great pics. I love the Lancôme BB too, but also love the one from Clarins!!

  2. Great tag! I'm shocked that a lot of people dont use toner too, I use toner everday too! It's a must have in my skincare regime. Haha, I'd be scared of bird poo and whale sperm being on my face too. I've been wanting to try the Sanctuary Spa Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser for a while now and I think Priceline currently has a promotion on for Sanctuary Spa tempted!

    To me, I say skincare is most important as I find that I feel more confident with better skin than say, with makeup :)

  3. B&L Hunter- I haven't tried the Clarins one... actually I haven't really tried anything from them!

    T&T Blog- try out the Sanctuary Spa range!! It's really great :) Their face oil is amazing too (in the pink packaging).