Nude By Nature "You Glow Girl" Christmas Pack

Sunday 29 September 2013

One great thing about Christmas has to be the amazing gift packs that brands bring out. They're a fantastic way of trying out a range of products without going broke.

While it's always great to give... you can't deny it's just as good to treat yourself!

When I was in Priceline last week, I saw 3 Christmas gift packs from Nude By Nature and had to pick one up for myself.

The pack I picked up is called "You Glow Girl." It's the perfect kris kringle pack as it's under $20 and comes boxed beautifully. 

Because it's a gift pack it also has a little area where you can write who it's for and who it's from. 

The pack contains a Illuminating Powder and a deluxe kabubki brush.

Inside, on the pink tube, it has directions on how to use the products.

The kabuki brush that's in the pack (the one on the left) is a great size, and is larger than the kabuki brush that comes in their brush set. When I was in Priceline, I saw that the brush set packaging looked different, but I'm not sure if they've changed the brushes that are in the set too. 

It's really soft and I can't wait to use it with a mineral foundation powder!

The illuminator is nicely packaged. It contains 2g of product, which doesn't sound like much, but considering how little product you need to use it will last you years! 

It's a gorgeous illuminator that has some glitter/sparkle in it, but it's not too full on. I found that when I blended out the swatch the sparkle was less obvious and it became more of a sheen. On my cheeks, it was hard to notice the sparkle. It showed up mostly as a gorgeous sheen and glow.

For me, this is more of a special occasions illuminator, rather than an everyday one.

I also tried this on my eyes and used it to brighten my lids. It was really beautiful and gave a slight shimmer without looking too disco.

You can also use this on the body.

This pack is only $19.95 and contains $34.90 worth of products.

There are 10 different Christmas packs available. They range in price from $19.95 to $99.95.

Some of the packs available have limited edition products, which is always exciting.

Two of my favourite one are "Glam It Up" and "Just Glow With It."

"Glam It Up"

Glam It Up is exclusive to Priceline and cost $49.95 for 8 products. This pack contains 3 limited edition products. It has a Pressed Matte Bronzer, their Nude Oil Gold and a cheek and lip stain. THIS is what I want for Christmas... hint hint hubby!!

"Just Glow With It"

The other pack that I love is the Just Glow With It. This is exclusive at Myer and costs $69.95 for 10 items. This pack contains 4 limited edition products. It contains their Shimmer Nude Oil, the Soft Focus Illuminator that's in a click pen, a Body Glow Lotion to give your body a gorgeous glow and also a Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub (OMG!!! I hope this becomes available in their core line!).

Have you started thinking about Christmas pressies for your friends and family? Or are you a step ahead and have already finished your Christmas shopping?

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  1. I have mostly finished my Christmas shopping (every time I say this, I freak someone out!), and that looks like such a pretty set!

  2. Wow these packs look great! I sort of wish they were a bit more affordable considering Nude by Nature isn't really a high end brand, but the variety/mixture of everything you get looks good :)

  3. TP- WOW!!! Could you please do my shopping for me ;)

    Twoplicates- I agree about the mixture of products. It's a great way of being able to try out a few of their products without having to spend a lot of money at once buying the full size products.