Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation And Powder Review

Wednesday 18 September 2013

If you watch youTube, you would have seen adverts for the new Revlon Nearly Naked range. Emma Stone is the face of the Nearly Naked range, and I think that she's a great spokesperson. She makes the products look great and makes you want to be nearly naked too (in make up terms!).

The range only has 2 products, a liquid foundation* and pressed powder,* but has 12 shades in the foundation and 6 shades in the powder.  

I was sent "Vanilla" (120) which is the 2nd lightest shade available in the foundation. It's a great range if you're on the lighter side, as it's normally quite hard to find a light shade that isn't yellow or orange. 

Firstly, the packaging looks nice but I do find that the lid sometimes is a little bit of a pain to open and especially close. I love a pump applicator and wish this one had a pump.

As far as effectiveness, it's a great foundation. Because it's a nearly naked formula, it's a light coverage. If you have blemishes or uneven skintone, you'll need to either embrace the imperfections or use a medium coverage concealer. 

While you can still see that the foundation is on the skin, it's not an obvious foundation. Just make sure that you exfoliate often as I've found it can "clump" if I have dry bits of skin. 

It has a slightly dewy finish. If you have combination to oily skin, then you'll need to use a mattifying powder or remember to touch up throughout the day. I normally find late in the afternoon I need a quick dusting to stop the shine. 

The stand out for me is the Nearly Naked "Pressed Powder."

It's a great powder that works well with both the Nearly Naked foundation, but also my other foundations. 

It's a coloured powder so it adds a light dusting of colour. 

I really love the packaging of the powder. It contains a sponge to apply the powder, which is fantastic when you're on the go. It also has a small mirror (hooray!) which is something that a lot of powders don't seem to have, especially drugstore powders.

This is going to be a fantastic foundation that I can use over spring and summer. 

Both the foundation and the powder cost $25.95, but Revlon always seems to be on special (or have a GWP) on, which makes it much more affordable. 

Have you tried the new foundation or powder yet?

*I was kindly sent these for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. I actually have this, but I haven't tried it yet! Much as I'm loving the thought of this foundation, the fact that it comes without a pump is REALLY putting me off trying it!

    Great review, you've convinced me to break it open (not literally, of course) and start giving it a go!

  2. I have both, the liquid and the powder version of this foundation, and I like them a lot. They look soooo incredibly natural, it's crazy! But yes, I hate that the liquid foundation doesn't come with a pump, talk about inconvenient...

  3. I trialled this foundation BH and I really like it for a light coverage, sort of a makeup, no makeup look and the thing I didn't like was that it had no pump as well!! Thankfully I haven't had any spilling accidents...yet! I love the look of the powder though, especially that it has a mirror which makes it so much more convenient to use.

  4. I purchased the foundation about a week ago. Bought it in 'ivory' as that's usually my shade. Unfortunately I think it's too light. I'm also not that impressed with the way it seems to sit on my skin.

  5. I haven't tried it but I mean, Revlon and Emma Stone have definitely made sure I knew it existed :P I want to try it but there are a few Maybelline products I will be purchasing first in terms of foundation (the super stay one) because it's been hot so yeah :)