Bourjois "Blush Exclusif" Review

Monday 7 October 2013

A while ago I picked up the new(ish) Blush Exclusif from Bourjois. I adore Bourjois products, especially their blushes, and couldn't wait to try this out. 

I already own their Rose Exclusif lipgloss. It's a lipgloss that goes on clear and reacts to the PH in your lips. It then adjusts in colour and becomes a gorgeous pink. It's quite a bright pink on me.

It's really hydrating and the colour lasts quite a while. Even though it's a lipgloss it doesn't feel goopy or make my lips dry.

The texture of the blush is really strange. It's not a powder, and not a classic cream. It's almost like a powdery cream. 

The blush looks like a very pale pinky beige before you use it.

I use a brush to apply it and I apply a light layer onto my cheeks. It takes a minute or two for the blush to react to your skin, so make sure that you take your time, otherwise you might find that you'll end up with very bright pink cheeks if you keep layering before it reacts with your skin. 

I've swatched it with a heavier layer on top and then a lighter layer underneath it. You can see that you can either wear it very light or brighter.

What I like about this blush is that it's not shimmery or glittery, and yet it isn't completely matte. It just seems to soak up my natural oils and give my skin this radiant glow.

Because it's more of a personalised blush, make sure that you swatch it instore, as it's quite pink and girly on my pale skin.

If you purchase this, you'll notice that the colour of the blush in the pot changes. It's perfectly normal and is expected.

It retails for $20.00. I picked mine up in Priceline.

Do you like the idea of a lipgloss or blush that adjusts to your skin? Or do you prefer to know what colour you're buying?

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  1. I bought it last month because I wanted to try it (and I wanted the cute GWP lol)...I haven't gotten around to trying it yet, though!

    I loved it the moment I swatched it, so I'm excited to actually use it! It's stunning

  2. I cant find this blush at my local Priceline, I really wanna try it out

  3. I brought this a few weeks back and absolutley love it! It's like a cheaper version of Dior's Rosy Glow. I haven't seen the lipgloss though, but will be keeping an eye out for it from now on! xxx

  4. Would you repurchase it? Sounds interesting though!! Will definitely go have a look :)

    Sofia X

  5. Interesting! I carry the Exclusif lip gloss in my work bag, it's like my go-to when I need a bit of moisture! I like the sound of this blush but it also sounds like it could go very wrong, lol!

  6. Hm, sounds interesting but I really can't decide if it's a product I would want to buy or not. I guess I will just have to go and try to see what it seems like in person. In any case, great review, so thanks! :)

  7. Evelyn - I was the same. I bought it and had it just sitting around for 2 or 3 weeks before trying it. I'm so glad I started using it... It's unlike any of my other blushes :)

    Little Miss M - Is there a target near you? They also stock Bourjois :)

    Robyn- I didn't know it was like Dior's blush. I'll have to go check that out now! Thanks for letting me know :)

    Sofia- Hmmmm I probably wouldn't repurchase it, but that's purely because I have WAYYYY too many blushes. :)

    MM- I love the lipgloss. It's perfect for on the go, when you want colour without having to check on it every second. The blush probably would be fine on your skin... it's just it can show up very easily on my pale skin :)

    J - See it instore. It's unlike any other blush I have, so for me it with was worth the money :)

  8. I really want to try this blush, it seems so unique!

  9. I have the lipgloss of this and love it, it works so well for me! I think I need this! xx