Muk Spa Argan Oil Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask Review

Saturday 19 October 2013

I went to a blogger event by muk haircare recently, which you can read about here. We learnt all about the brand, their haircare and also their electrical products.

We were kindly given their new argan oil range, which is called muk spa. There are 5 products in the range... a shampoo, conditioner, mask, a treatment oil and a shine spray.

Today I have a review on the shampoo, conditioner and mask.

With consumers looking more closely at the ingredients in their products, there's a growing market for more natural products and ingredients.

muk released their muk spa range for those people that want to be able to understand what's in the product. It's perfect for those that are looking for haircare that's free of...

Sulfates, parabens, silicone oil, alcohol, phosphates and mineral oils.

While my hair is fine, it's been through many years of damage from heat styling and bleach. I try to wash my hair only twice a week (or if I can, I even try only washing it once a week) to make sure that my hair isn't stripped of its natural oils. 

While the *shampoo and *conditioner both contain argan oil to moisturise your hair, there are many other great ingredients in the bottle too. It also contains wheat, soy and corn protein to help strengthen hair. 

I love that I can get both strength and moisture from just one range, instead of using 7 different products all from different brands.

The *repair mask is an essential for dry, damaged and stressed out hair. 

I do a double cleanse with the shampoo and then use a towel to get out the extra water from my hair. I then apply the hair mask onto my hair for 20 minutes while I'm busy cleaning or checking emails.  

I always remove the excess water from my hair before applying a mask for two reasons. One of the reasons is because if my hair is quite wet then the mask isn't able to penetrate the hair strand easily (the mask becomes watered down). Also by removing the water, I don't have spend the next 20 minutes with watered down mask melting down my face and neck. 

After I wash out the mask I then use the conditioner on my hair for 3-5 minutes. I find it gives an extra boost of moisture, but is also great for the hair that's closer to my scalp that's too fine for the mask.

I either blowdry and style it, or otherwise let it airdry, and then I'm left with soft, smooth and silky hair. 

I love that this set does it all. It repairs my hair, makes it shiny (which is a hard thing to do when you have blonde hair), makes it feel soft and leaves my hair detangled.  

Another great thing about these 3 products is the fact that even after 2-3 days, my hair still feels soft and glows (the shine doesn't look or feel oily).

Most natural haircare doesn't smell great. While these still have a more natural smell, it's subtle and not overpowering. 

The shampoo, conditioner and mask all retail for $26.95 each. If you're on a budget, then make sure you get the mask first. You won't regret it! 

Find out more about the muk haircare range and electrical products here. In Australia muk is available from Hairhouse Warehouse, Price Attack and selected salons. 

Have you used an argan based hair range before?

*I was kindly sent these for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. Great info here. I have to admit I have been slack with my hair masks and use them pretty much the same way I use my conditioner. I love your idea of squeezing out the excess water before applying, and leaving it on so long, as well as conditioning afterwards. I'm going to try your method next time. I really like the muk products too. My favourites are the shine spray, the hair mask, and definitely the hair straightener :D

  2. I'm glad you liked the post Susannah :) I adore the mask and the hair straightener is amazing!

  3. So far, I have only tried the serum one. I'm looking forward to try the other products from the range too. Very helpful review!

  4. Hmm this routine of double washing and then face mask looks like it should work well, or at least my intuition tells me that.