My Priceline Haul + Life Update

Sunday 24 November 2013

Hi Lovelies!!

It's been a while since I've posted and I was wanting to let you know what's been happening.

We had some sickness in our house the previous week, so I wasn't able to blog as I was busy looking after my daughter (and then also being sick myself).

And then this week, I started a new job! Technically it's an old job since I'm still with the same company I was with when I lived in Sydney, but the store is completely different (and so are the computers), so I feel like it's a new job ;) I've gone from not working at all (even though being a stay at home mum is very demanding) to working all day so it's been a big adjustment this week. 

I'm looking at setting up a posting schedule, to make life easier, but I'm still trying to work out the best days to post.

My parents left for a holiday on Friday, so earlier in the week Adeline and I stayed over night at their house. Being the beauty obsessed freak that I am, I organised to stay at their house when Priceline were having their 40% cosmetics sale on, since they live down the road from a Priceline store (and I don't).

While I don't really need anymore make up, there were 2 things I did pick up at the sale.

The Bourjois Delice de Soleil Bronzing Powder in "12" which is for fair to medium skintones. I've heard so many great things about this and it's been on my wishlist for so long, so I knew that I had to pick it up. 

I also picked up the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. Even though it's a simple straightforward powder, it's amazing. I really liked it when I first used it, but it wasn't until I had finished it and was using other powders that I realised how incredible it really is. It helps to keep shine in check, without being heavy or cakey. It's my holy grail powder. 

I also wanted to mention some Models Prefer brushes that I picked up recently. Models Prefer is exclusive to Priceline and their brushes don't seem to be mentioned a lot on Australian blogs that I read, which is such a shame as they're a hidden gem.

I picked up the...

"MPA103 Airbrush Buffing"

I love to use a buffing brush when I'm either too lazy to apply my foundation with my hands, to buff in mineral foundation or I love to use it when I've gone overboard on blush and am trying to buff out any obvious lines. 

I already own a Rae Morris and Real Techniques flat top brush like this (although all 3 are quite different), but thought this would be a great edition to my collection.

It's really soft and I can't wait to use it. It's not on the Priceline website, so I'm not sure what hair it's made out of although similar white (face) brushes from them are made from goat hair. 

 "MPA102 Airbrush Contour"

Surprisingly I don't own any brush like this, which is quite shocking when I own so many brushes. 

It's an angled brush and I can't wait to see what it's like with the Bourjois bronzer.

"MPP101 Fan Brush"

This is from the "Professional" range and it's a really soft, beautiful brush. I own a fan brush from "Furless," but it's a really thick fan brush that isn't the best for fine detailing. This one's really light and thin. It's gorgeous to use for highlighting cheeks. 

Did you pick up anything from the Priceline sale? Feel free to link any blog posts, as I'm very behind on my blog reading :)

Do you have any particular days that you'd prefer me to post on?
Amy, XO


  1. I love your reason for staying at Mum and Dad's house!! I had to send my husband in to get a foundation for me at the 40% sale as I was working both days and couldn't get in. I would have chosen more products had I been the one shopping so it was probably good that I didn't go as I certainly have enough to last me a while.

    Was lovely to see you at your new/old job yesterday. I hope that you settle in well and don't get too tired. Retail can be very demanding - especially in the lead up to Christmas. I LOVE that I am no longer in retail and having to deal with all of the long, exhausting hours. xx

  2. Was so mad because I checked out 3 Priceline stores and all were sold out of the Models Prefer airbrush buffing brush. Lol good to hear that the brushes are decent quality though, look forward to hear your thoughts on the Bourjois bronzer :) x

  3. I was actually determined to avoid Priceline during the sale because I don't "need" anything either! I'm enjoying it vicariously through other people's buys this time around - those brushes look very good and I'm getting right into brushes these days! Great picks!

  4. I didn't pick anything up from the sale - I was a good girl :)

    If it helps, I post Monday-Wednesday-Friday when I have a lot of stuff to blog about, or Tuesday-Thursday other times. x

  5. I'm obsessed with brushes! A good workman and his tools... :) While I've been skeptical of MP's makeup, it's good to hear that they make good brushes - I'd be keen to give them a go.