Life Changing Products: The Jojoba Company "100% Natural Ultimate Jojoba Youth Potion"

Monday 2 December 2013

There are some products that are holy grail items. They're the ones that you adore and always go back to, back you don't necessarily use all the time.

Then there's the life changing products. They miraculously
 turn you into a goddess!

One of my favourite products of the year has to be the 100% Natural Ultimate Jojoba Youth Potion from The Jojoba Company.

While this feels like an oil, like Rosehip or Argan, it's actually a liquid wax ester. The jojoba plant is the only plant known to produce wax ester, as opposed to oil like most plants. Wax esters are naturally in our skin but decreases over time. As it decreases, our skin loses moisture and we start to age. The molecular structure of jojoba is similar to the wax esters we naturally have. 

It's high in anti-oxidants, contains vitamins A, D and E, omegas 6 and 9 as well as argan and manuka oil. It helps to minimise and smooth wrinkles, help with uneven skintone and give you a softer and smoother skin texture. 

I use this in a few different ways. I sometimes will use it as a serum for my face and then apply my moisturiser. Otherwise it's great to add a drop into my moisturiser to make my moisturiser more hydrating. 

If I'm really lazy or tired at night, I sometimes will just use this by itself on clean skin.

It also makes a fantastic 10 minute moisture mask. I apply it to my skin after getting out of the shower and leave it on for 10 minutes while I do my hair. Then I use a paper towel to pat off any of the excess and apply my make up as usual.  

Whenever I use this, my skin is left hydrated and so soft and smooth. I find it's perfect at giving my foundation a soft base and I don't get patchy dry skin when I apply this under my make up. 

While it does have an oil feel, it's still suitable for all ages and all skin types. If you do have oily skin, then just use a drop of this once or twice a week and work your way up to using it more often. 

You can also use this on your hair and nails as well a make up remover, although I haven't done this. You can also use this on your body to help heal stretch marks. I do use the left over product on the back of my hands to keep them moisturised and looking youthful. 

The smell is incredible. It smells like a fresh bunch of flowers.  

I love the packaging. It has a very luxe look. It has a pump applicator, which makes it easy to pour out how much (or as little) as you need. 

It costs $39.95 for 50ml and will last quite a long time, as you only need a drop or two. They also have another version, which is "100% Natural Australian Jojoba," which you can see here, that's available in 4 sizes. 

The Jojoba Company doesn't test on animals and their products are free of parabens, chemicals, sulphates mineral oil and petrochemicals. 

You can find your nearest stockist here as well as buying them online here.

Have you used jojoba before? Which is your favourite oil?
Amy, XO

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