Luxe Or Less: Body Lotions and Body Butters

Sunday 22 December 2013

Body lotion is one of those things that you need but they aren't always that fun to buy. I normally use a very boring, simple and uninteresting body lotion in the morning. I try not to use something that is scented, so it won't interrupt my perfume scent.

At night I love to apply a scented body lotion. I have quite a few different ones that I rotate depending on my mood and what fragrance I feel like wearing to bed. 

I like to have a mixture of inexpensive and pricier body lotions, as sometimes it's nice to be decadent and indulge in an expensive lotion. 

Body Butter


The Jojoba Company Tuberose & Clementine Souffle $39.95 (250ml)*

This is such a decadent body lotion. It's a whipped formula that feels soft and light, but still is incredibly moisturising. It has a gorgeous scent and my skin is left feeling soft and smooth all day. It also contains Australian jojoba, vitamin E and cocoa butter. The packaging is simple but gorgeous.

You can buy The Jojoba Company products online and instore. Click here to find your closest stockist. 


Premium Spa Coconut & Vanilla Body Butter (190g)*

This body butter from Premium Spa is only $9.99 but you wouldn't know it. It's a gorgeous body butter that's light on the skin but is still hydrating. I love that the scent isn't too sweet or overpowering. If you wear a sweet perfume, then this would work well underneath it. 

It's in a tube, which means that you can scoop every single little bit out. 

If you're looking for a hydrating every day lotion, then this is a great one!

Body Lotion

If a body butter is too much for you, then a lotion is great as it's lightweight and sinks into the skin quickly and easily. 


Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion in "Coconut" (354ml)*

This lotion smells incredible and makes you feel like you're on holidays on a tropical island. 

It contains coconut milk and nut extracts to hydrate your skin and leave it silky smooth. I love the pump applicator as it's hygienic and easy to use.

This one is available online here and is $29.95. While it's more expensive than your average body lotion, it also lasts quite a while since it's 354ml. 


Premium Spa SOS Moisture Balm in "Frangipani & Coconut" (150ml)*

This $9.99 body lotion might not break the bank, but that doesn't mean that it's boring. It has an amazing smell that's not too sweet and not to floral. The mix of the frangipani and coconut work well together and smell incredible.

It also has a matching body wash which I'm currently using. I wish they would release this in a soap, in a candle and perfume. I'm obsessed with the scent!!!

You can purchase this online here or instore at Priceline.

Do you also like to have a luxe and less option? 

Amy, XO

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  1. I really love the Premium Spa body scrubs but I've never tried any of their other products. I'll have to check these out :)

  2. All of these sounds amazing.. especially loving the look of Premium Spa! Haven't heard of them before but they certainly sound luxe ;)