First Impressions: Becca "The One Perfecting Brush" Review

Sunday 6 April 2014

Becca is a brand that's not easily accessible here in Adelaide. Unlike those lucky Sydney and Melbourne girls, Becca isn't available in David Jones (although I've heard on the grapevine that they won't be stocking Becca soon, and it will just be available online).

Because I couldn't just go easily pick up Becca products, I purchased this from I decided to get the express delivery and it was delivered the very next day from QLD to SA!

I had read a lot of reviews on this, as well as watching youTube videos so I knew all about the pros and con on the brush.

A lot of reviews mentioned that the first 1-3 uses, they found that the brush shed. Keeping this in consideration, I decided to wait to use this until I had a day off so it didn't matter if there were stray hairs or if I took longer with my make up.

When I first got the brush I have to admit that the plastic handle felt cheap. I own a lot of brushes (both high end and inexpensive) and none of them felt like this. At first I was disappointed, but after using this I can understand why they used a lightweight handle.

The whole premise of this brush is that it's your go to brush. You use it for EVERYTHING. So if you're going to be spending 15 minutes doing your make up, then having a lightweight brush is important. 

While the handle is lightweight, the brush is packed with hairs. It's quite a thick brush, which can look quite overwhelming the first time that you use it. 

According the the Becca website it's...

"A true beauty multi-tasker, The One Perfecting Brush takes the guesswork out of brush work. Cuts makeup application in half by replacing these 10 tools: foundation, powder, contour, bronzer, stipple, blush, fan, and concealer brushes, kabuki, and sponge."

Because of its size I was hesitant to use it for everything.

I first used one corner for my liquid foundation. Surprisingly I found it quite easy to use. I used it mostly vertically and stuck to using it on an angle so only a third of the brush was being used to buff in my foundation. I went from the middle of my face and worked outwards, followed by my forehead and then chin and neck. 

I did find quite a few of the goat hairs shed, so I first removed them and then did a quick once over to make sure that I didn't have any odd marks left from removing the hairs. I was really impressed with the coverage and airbrush effect it created.

Even though the bristles are soft, they aren't as soft as other brushes that I've used and it did feel a little bit scratchy. It wasn't uncomfortable, but was noticeable since I have used foundation brushes that felt like silk. For the majority of people it would feel very soft. Unless you are a brush nut, then you wouldn't feel a difference.

I then used the same part of the brush to apply concealer under my eyes. I found it quite difficult to use the brush to do this. Because the brush head is quite thick, it made it hard to use the brush to buff or pat in the concealer. After a minute or two of playing with it, I was able to conceal. In future, I would probably either use a normal concealer brush or just use my fingers as it took twice as long using this. 

I let my foundation set for the next 15 minutes before using the middle of the brush to apply my powder to set my make up. 

It's very easy to use use the brush to apply powder. I used tapping/stippling effect to set the make up.

I was really tempted to try to use this on my eyes, but since my eyes are small I decided not to or else it would have looked like my 3 year old did my make up!

I then used the opposite side to apply both (powder) blush and highlighter. I tapped the edge of the brush into my blush and used a tapping motion to apply it onto my cheeks. It was very easy to use and it gave a beautiful effect. Within seconds it was applied and looked flawless.

I then tried to use it to apply highlighter. For me I found it a little bit difficult to apply highlighter onto my cheeks using the brush. I found that it applied a little too thick, since I like to have a very soft and thin line on the tops of my cheekbones. 

I think I'll need to play around with the technique to find a way that gives me the look I want.


Here's a picture of the brush after using it. Look away if you hate seeing dirty brushes!

As you can see from the picture, on the left side is where I used the foundation and concealer, in the middle is where I used the setting powder and on the right is my blush and highlighter. 

As you can see from my Rae Morris brush, the difference in the thickness of the brush is massive. Because of the size of the brush, I can see it taking a few uses to really be able to get the best out of the brush.

Overall, after using it once I'm not at all disappointed, despite the higher price tag. For me the idea of a one "do it all" brush isn't the main selling point. While it would be a great brush to take away, I do love having a lot of different brushes in different sizes and different materials. I'm a brush fanatic and think this brush is fantastic as it's unlike any other brush that I have.

I think my main issue with this brush is getting used to using it for both liquids and powders. I actually think that I would love to have 2 of these brushes (one I can use for liquids and the other I can use for powder).  

I purchased this from Ry for $52.00, which is much cheaper than the retail price of $65.00 (although including express shipping, it was around the same price). You can also purchase this directly from Becca from their online website here.

As far as the price goes, it's fantastic due to its multiple uses. It's not quite as expensive as my other foundation/face brushes ( which range from $68-$92) but isn't as inexpensive as my Models Prefer Buffing brush (which is about $19). I think because it has multiple uses, the price is very reasonable.

Here's a fantastic video from Kate from Seduced By Beauty using the One Perfecting Brush in action! 

What do you think about using one brush for everything? Does the idea of using the same brush for liquids and powder make you feel a bit strange too?
Amy, XO

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