Beauty Bites #3: My Weekly Beauty Wrap Up

Saturday 25 April 2015

There's been quite a lot of new releases this April and this week I've been loving trialing new products...

My most worn beauty products...

Essence recently released a new range of nude eyeshadows, in both singles and a palette, and I'm adoring "Hazel Me Not!"* which is the eye shade equivalent of the Kylie Jenner lip. It's a "my eyes but better" shade.

Lush have released their Mother's Day products, which is a mixture of single limited edition products and premade gift packs. I was sent some of the individual products and both the Yummy Mummy Shower Gel* and Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner* are my favourites. The smell is amazing. I find that with the body conditioner, the scent lingers for hours.

I normally use a powder blush but I'm adoring this cream blush from 100% Pure. It's called the Fruit Pigmented Pot Rouge* and I have the colour "Posey" which looks almost like a neon pink, but buffs out into a light natural flush.

I'm also adoring brow tints at the moment. I have fair eyebrow hairs and these tints from ModelCo and Maybelline are great as they darken them quickly and easily.

I've been left with some bad pigmentation on my face from pregnancy so I've actually been using 2 serums lately. I've been using a vitamin C oil and the LÓreal Skin Perfection Concentrated Correcting Serum. This is my third bottle of the LÓreal serum. It's very affordable (I picked this up on sale for about $18) and I always see results when I use this.

To see this weeks "Make up of the day" products, click here.

Disappointing products...

While the Mirenesse D.A.D Thick + Thin 24hr Liquid Eyeliner is a great product, I just can't use liquid eyeliners no matter how hard I try. I just can't get my lines even. So sadly I'll have to stick to pencil and gel eyeliners. 

FYI I use a brow or angled liner to apply gel eyeliner and find it much easier to hold than a liquid liner. 

Best Sale...

Chemist Warehouse currently has all Revlon lip products buy one get one free!! It's on until the 10th of May 2015.

What I'm lusting after...

John Freida Colour Refreshing Toner for blondes.

My favourite youTuber or blogger...

I really love supporting Aussie bloggers and youTubers and have recently loved watching videos from Katie Bambrick. 

This video is a great one because it goes through all of her favourite beauty products. I'd also recommend the Make Up Kit Essentials video she recently did.

On my mind...

I'm counting down the minutes until my 4 year old goes back to kindy. As much as I love having her home, it's left me with almost no time to get much done around the house.  I'm sure anyone who has or lives with children knows the feeling.

I'm hoping that next week I'll be a good blogger and get more time to post!
Amy, XO

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